Letter to President Abbas: Martin Indyk, Take Note

Mr. Abbas, you and I know that a masterful fraud was perpetrated by the Palestinian Arab leadership.

William K. Langfan

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William Langfan

President Abbas, you have publicly stated that the Arab failure to accept the 1947 partition was a mistake.

You have also stated that the Second Intifada that began in the year 2000 was a mistake.

Was it a mistake for the PLO to be created in 1964 with its Charter exclusively dedicated to the destruction of Israel?  Israel was within her pre-1967 lines in 1964.

The Charter was amended in 1968 with no change in the clauses pertaining to the destruction of Israel plus new clauses 8, 9, and 10 which specifically declare that they will utilize armed struggle to liberate 'Palestine'.

Was it a mistake for Arafat in two letters to PM Rabin (sent 1993 and May 1994) to promise that during Oslo negotiations he would have his magnificent words of peace formally approved by the Palestinian National Council (PNC)?  Clause 33 of the 1968 Charter states that no changes can be made to the Charter unless 2/3 of the PNC vote for the change.
Israel relied upon the promises of the Palestinian Arab leaders that the alleged illegality of their creation and the Palestinian Arab use of 'armed struggle' (read terrorism) would be annulled in order to proceed with Oslo.
Clause XXXI paragraph 9 of the 1995 Interim agreement obligated the PLO to annul clauses of the Charter within two months after the inauguration of the interim agreement.  The inauguration of the Charter took place March 7, 1996.

Was it a mistake that the April 1996 PNC meeting to modify the Charter was a charade to fool Israel and the US into thinking that the PNC had modified the Charter?

Clause one of the April 1996 PNC resolution in general terms stated that the members of the PNC had decided to amend the Charter to comply with the contents of the exchange of the two letters between Arafat and PM Rabin.
Clause two of the resolution assigned the redrafting of the Charter to a legal committee.
There is no evidence that a legal committee was ever formed and there is no evidence that any change was made in the Charter.

What logic dictates that the affirmation of a lie can convert a lie into the truth?
Was it a mistake for Arafat in his January 1998 letter to President Clinton to lie to President Clinton by stating in his letter that as a result of the PNC 1996 resolution articles 6-10, 15, 19-23 and 30 have been modified and the parts of articles 1-5, 11-14, 16-18, 25-27, and 29 have also been nullified.       

Was it a mistake that these nullifications never occurred and that the PLO and all the leaders of the various ministries raised their arms and voted to reaffirm Arafat’s lies in his letter to President Clinton?

You and I know that a masterful fraud was perpetrated by the Palestinian Arab leaders.
Was it a mistake to fool President Clinton, PM Netanyahu and the world into thinking that your leaders confirmed changes in the Charter that never happened?
What logic dictates that the affirmation of a lie can convert a lie into the truth?
The Palestinian leadership has engaged in a stream of too many material “mistakes” to enable anyone to believe that your mindset to destroy Israel has changed one iota and that your intention to engage in peace with Israel should be taken seriously.
Your 1968 Charter, the 1964-5 Fatah constitution, and the 1988 Hamas Charter must all be properly annulled, and the Palestinian Arabs in a carefully monitored referendum in which at least ¾ of the people vote to live in peace side by side with Israel, must occur before Israel can possibly meet with you again.
William K. Langfan