NBA’s Sterling: Our Racist Catch of the Day (Ask Obama)

Odd how Rev. Jeremiah Wright got away with being racist for years, isn't it?

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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A racist catch makes everybody feel good and right now we all feel terrific, all across the land. Donald Sterling, a billionaire who owns most of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles Clippers pro basketball team, is our Racist Catch of the Day. He made some terrible remarks about African Americans and he merits our disapproval.

President Obama was quick to register his disgust against Sterling.

Years ago, however, Obama was not so quick to condemn his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright for Wright’s repeated anti-Semitic slurs from the pulpit. Obama sat there for some 20 years listening to all that trash-talk and most in the Liberal press also agreed that Wright did not warrant much coverage… certainly not enough to tarnish Obama.

Only the Conservative press, Fox News, tried and failed to make it a big deal.

But finally here is something we can all agree on – Liberals, Conservatives and Independents. We are all in the same boat. Yippee. We got our man.

We hate that guy Donald Sterling for allegedly warning his mistress (or former mistress) to quit taking pictures with African Americans, and to quit bringing them to the games, even though most of his team is made up of African Americans. So this comment of Sterling’s is not just reprehensible but confusing.

If you’re looking for a mostly white sport, try tennis or cricket.

Each week, it seems, we find another bigot to rally against, and like I said, it makes us feel absolutely wonderful. We can feel so upright and superior.

We can point our fingers and say, get him, not us.

Last week's Racist Catch of the Day was some rancher named Cliven Bundy and if you don’t know the whole story, never mind.

It’s just that Bundy was all over the news likewise for some ignorant remarks about African Americans. This guy was nabbed by The New York Times, which loves to expose right-wing bigots, but can never find any left-wing bigots even when they live and work in the same building.

The New York Times – for the many of you who have quit reading the paper – is still the most bigoted, most anti-Semitic newspaper in the world.

From the moment Sterling’s rant came to light, news outlets across America outdid one another as to how high Sterling ought to be hanged.

My view is that he should be suspended and fined a million dollars, as well he might be when NBA commissioner Adam Silver makes his announcement.

But how we delight in America when we can spot a bigot and taunt a bigot, so long as he is the right kind of bigot. 

Not all bigots are equal.

Here’s the Sterling quote: “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”

We have it that Sterling made that grotesque remark to his girlfriend V. Stiviano - who happens to be part black.


No wonder White Men Can’t Jump. They need eyeglasses, too.

Bigots – I am the first to say – deserve no slack, even if they are 80 years old, like Sterling, who is obviously having his Senior moments.

But what’s Obama’s excuse? Obama tarried with Rev. Wright for some two decades. He sat in that Chicago church obedient and tranquil for every insult against America and against Israel and against Jews in general (later changed to “Zionists”) and said nothing!

Only when the proof was overwhelming did Obama finally distance himself from the man’s comments, though never the man. That took years.

It only took a day for Obama to condemn Sterling.

So far as Obama and his media darlings are concerned, bigotry is bad - only how bad depends on whose racial sensitivities are being gored.

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