Real Apartheid: Italian Jew Banned from PA Delegation

He sent Abbas a letter, a missive from a proud Jew whose words show up the cowardly Italian government and the ignored apartheid of the Palestinian Authority.

Giulio Meotti

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The concept of removing a religious or ethnic community from a certain region brings back the dark memories of World War II, yet has become mainstream when it is applied to a part of the land of Israel.

A recent official visit to Ramallah, the "capital" of the Palestinian Authority, by the official delegation of the Italian city of Turin, and led by leftist mayor Piero Fassino, could not include the Vice President of the Jewish Community, Emanuel Segre Amar.

Why? Because he is a JEW. Yes, because he is a JEW.

Why did the Italian institutions and their representatives accept the Arab "judenrein" demand, as the Nazis called entities cleared of Jews?

Emanuel is the son of Sion Segre Amar, a famous figure of the Jewish community of Turin in the first years of the XX century, a brave Zionist pioneer who was sentenced to prison by a Fascist court and thrown into jail along with Leone Ginzburg.

How shameful that his son has not been allowed to set foot in the "occupied territories". Yes,  occupied, but by despicable Islamists and anti-Semites.

Segre Amar didn't even get to set foot in the PA part of Hevron, the cradle of Judaism and the Jewish people.

In December 2010, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said it clearly: “I will never allow a single Israeli to live among us on Palestinian land.”

That is why today you can't find a single Jew in Tulkarem, Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah or Gaza. This is the only apartheid, the real apartheid, and it is supported by Barack Obama, the European beaurocrats, the Western multiculturalists, the Christian institutions and - lest we forget - the liberal Jews.

Emanuel Segre Amar delivered a letter to Mahmoud Abbas. Here it is below.

"Jerusalem, 24 Sivan 5773, June 2, 2013

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas,

I was born in 1944 in Jerusalem, where my parents took refuge to escape the deportation that threatened all Jews because of the German occupation of Italy. For political reasons with which I disagree, I can not meet you during our visit, so I send you this letter through the Mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino...

Peace can only be achieved in the Middle East with the recognition of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people, as already agreed by the Conference of San Remo 1920; by adding the State of Israel in all the maps used in schools in the Islamic world, especially in Palestinian schools; by the promotion of interaction and collaboration between scientists, scholars, artists and athletes; by the abandonment of the de-legitimization of Israel at the United Nations; by the outlawing of terrorist groups aimed to the killing of Israelis and destruction of Israel; by the end of economic boycotts against Israel.

Mr. President, the Israeli soldiers do not use children as shields when theere is a fire exchange with terrorists, Israeli schools and summer camps do not brainwash students to carry on violent actions against civilians, and religious leaders of Israel don't praise children who commit terrorist acts.

I think the way in which the Palestinian Authority educates their children and their society is a key indicator of its true intentions. Despite all this, I do not want to lose hope that you will [decide to] work hard to build a true culture of durable peace.

Cordially, Emanuel Segre Amar - Vice President of the Jewish Community of Turin".

This shocking Italian story reveals two key elements downplayed by the Western media-

That the Palestinian Arab Authority, Israel's "peace partner", is the first "state" to officially prohibit Jews since Nazi Germany.

And that the Western political mainstream accepts and condones this racism, this insistence on a Judenrein area of the Holy Land - the dream of Adolf Hitler come true at last.
No, sorry Herr Hitler. Not even your Nazi Germany in the 1930s knew this level of anti-Jewish pathology.