Morsi, A Khomeini-Clone Islamist with a Necktie

An analysis of Morsi's new Egyptian constitution, to be voted on in a referendum next week.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

In January 2011. when the Egyptians in Tahrir Square (“Martyr’s Square”) were violently rampaging against a long-time US ally, President Obama threatened Mubarak by stating “Don’t use violence on your people” and “The transition must begin now!” And, he said Mubarak must “use restraint.”

Yesterday, several Egyptians were killed while protesting the “ratification” of an Islamic fanatical constitution that is inimical to democracy and freedom. But, instead of Obama sternly warning the Islamic would-be tyrant Morsi “not to use violence on your people,” the US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner is counseling the demonstrators “We would simply urge the protestors to express their views peacefully and that they be given the environment, if you will, to protest peacefully.”

While Obama does nothing but endorse the Islamic constitution, the most important Arab Muslim country in the world is about to be hijacked and codified into a Sunni-Iran. So not only did Obama break Egypt, but he also is permanently enabling its Islamic hijackers to set its anti-democratic radical Islamic theology into constitutional stone.

How exactly is the text of the proposed Egyptian constitution a catastrophe for, and clear and present danger to, Egypt and the free world?

What follows is a clause-by-clause analysis:

1. The “Egypt is the Islamic Caliphate” Clause:

Identity of the state: "The Arab Republic of Egypt is a democratic state based on citizenship. The Egyptian people are part of the Arab Nation and work for the realisation of its comprehensive unity."

Identity of the state: "The Arab Republic of Egypt is an independent state with unified sovereignty that cannot be divided. Its system is democratic. The Egyptian nation is a part of the Arabic and Islamic nations (Umma). It is proud to belong to the Basin of the Nile and Africa, as well as of its Asian extensions." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan analysis: By stating, “Egypt is an independent state with unified sovereignty that cannot be divided” and “the Egyptian nation is part of the Arabic and Islamic nations (Umma),” Egypt has declared a caliphate, plain and simple. The text does not articulate a separate “state” as part of the Muslim Umma. But instead, the text blends the “Egyptian nation” undividedly into the Muslim Umma. So then, there exists some “unified sovereignty that cannot be divided.” Even worse, Egypt declared the extensive geographic scope of the Caliphate that extends as far as “its Asian extensions” which includes the Russian Caucasus.

2. The “Sharia Law as defined only by Sunni “Muslim Scholars”” Clause:

Islam and Sharia (Islamic law): Article 2 says: "Islam is the religion of the state and Arabic is its official language. The principles of Sharia are the main source of legislation."

Islam and Sharia: Article 2 stays as it is, but Article 219 is new. It states: "The principles of Sharia include general evidence and foundations, rules and jurisprudence as well as sources accepted by doctrines of Sunni Islam and the majority of Muslim scholars." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan analysis: Before, in the old constitution, the exact juridical implementation of Sharia was left vague and open. No more. Now, Egypt has constitutionally mandated Sunni “majority of Muslim scholars” analog to the Iranian faqih or Vali-ye faqih (Guardian of the Islamic Jurists). Thus, in one sentence, the Muslim Brotherhood has stolen the supreme authority of the Egyptian people and placed it solely in the exclusive juridical control of unelected rabid Sunni “Islamic scholars.”

3. The “There is No religion but Islam” Clause:

Religious minorities: No article in the old constitution.

Religious minorities: "The principles of the legislations for Christian and Jewish Egyptians are the main source of legislation that organises their civil status and religious affairs." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan analysis: The “principles of the legislations” as previously declared by the proposed constitution is based on Sharia as the “main source of legislation.” This specific clause is therefore Orwellian doublespeak, because it must be really read that Sharia as the “principles of the legislations for Christian and Jewish Egyptians” will regulate, authorize, and define Egyptian Christianity and Judaism. That’s like saying the fox of Sharia will define and defend the Christian and Jewish hen house! In short, Sharia, and only Sharia, will control other religions.

4. The “There is no Thought but Islam” Clauses:

Religion: "The state shall guarantee the freedom of belief and the freedom of practice of religious rites."

Religion: Article 43 says: "The state shall guarantee the freedom of faith and the freedom of practice of religious rites and the right to establish worshipping places for monotheist religions based on law"; Article 44 adds: "Insulting prophets and messengers is forbidden"; but Article 45 states: "Freedom of opinion and thought is guaranteed. Every person has the right to express his opinion orally or in writing, pictures or other means of publication and expression." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan analysis: Here the trick is the last words of the first sentence “based on law”! So, stripped of the middle-of-the-sentence gibberish, the sentence really means “The state shall guarantee the freedom of faith and freedom of practice of religious rites. . . . based on law.” But, since we know that under the proposed Egyptian constitution the “law” is “Sharia” law, all this clause means is Sharia solely governs and controls the Egyptian freedoms of “faith,” “practice of religious rites” and “right to establish worshipping places.” In other words, there will be Egyptian “freedom of faith” only to the extent allowed under Sharia law. Good luck! So if Sharia law disallows a synagogue or church (where the G-d is not monotheistic), then there is no Synagogue or church allowed.

Also, Clause 44 is a “Blasphemy” of Islam and/or “its messengers” clause. Al-Azhar and all of its “Scholars” are “messengers” of Islam and are hence perfectly protected from any “Blasphemy.” So, if you “insult”(i.e. look cross-eyed at) Al-Azhar, or any one of the Egyptian Sunni “majority of scholars” or the Sunni Vali-ye faqih, you have violated the new Egyptian Constitution and are subject to possible death. Therefore, the “Anti-insult” Egyptian Constitution clause will trump the “Freedom of opinion and thought” clause and all this is interpreted and totally legally defined by the Al-Azhar Sunni Guardians of the Jurists Cabal.

5.The “Al-Azhar is the new tyrannical Sunni cabal of “Guardian of Jurists”” Clause:

Al-Azhar: No mention of al-Azhar or its scholars was included in the 1971 constitution.

Al-Azhar: "Al-Azhar is an independent and a comprehensive entity. It takes the task of preaching Islam in Egypt and in the whole world. Scholars of al-Azhar should be consulted in all matters related to Sharia." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan Analysis: The unelected Islamic fanatical Al-Azhar is now the sole seat, and source of law and authority in Egypt. Forget democracy, forget elections, forget the Egyptian people, forget checks and balances, now a bunch of fanatical Islamic maniacs will have the sole and absolute control of Egypt. It is as if American law was defined and adjudicated solely by the group of Islamic scholars at Harvard University.

6.  The “Democracy and Shura Don’t Mix” Flimflam Clause:

Democracy and Shura (consultation): "The political system is based on pluralism."

Democracy and Shura (consultation): "The political system is based on principles of democracy and on Shura." (Bold added for emphasis)

M. Langfan Analysis: In the Koran, “shura” means some type of non-binding “consultation.” Wikipedia describes the “Shura” of the Koran as follows: The (Koranic) verses indicate that shura is praiseworthy but do not indicate who should be consulted, what they should be consulted about, or whether the ruler or the shura should prevail in the event the two do not agree. So, in short, “democracy and shura” means whatever the Islamic crazies at Al-Azhar University say “shura” means which is absolutely nothing.

In April 2009, President Obama picked Al-Azhar University as the site of his famous the “New Beginning” speech. Based on Mursi’s radical Islamist constitution, Obama should have named his speech the ““Old ending” of Islamic Caliphatic Tyranny.”

Mark Langfan is an attorney and writer, whose op-eds have been posted on Arutz Sheva and who has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at