"And Noah Walked With G-d"

How does one "walk with G-d?"

HaRav Avigdor Miller zts"l

Judaism HaRav Avigdor Miller zts"l
HaRav Avigdor Miller zts"l
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"And Noah walked with Elokim.” (6:9) - "Et haElokim hithalech Noah"

The word “Hit’halech” (walked) is reflexive, meaning that Noah exerted effort and caused himself to walk with G-d.

The Torah is relating that Noah became very great by “walking with G-d.” The Torah is our instruction Book to perfecting ourselves. We can achieve greatness through observance of Mitzvot and by studying the ways of Hashem as portrayed in Torah and Nature.

We are studying the great model of Noah who “Walked with G-d” and thereby became great.

What was Noah doing during these walks which brought him to this exalted level of Yirat Shamayim/Awareness of Hashem and that brought G-d to speak to him?

“And walk secretly/humbly with Hashem” (Micha 6:8). One way that we can accomplish this high ideal is to think about Hashem. When you practice this, no one is aware of what you have on your mind, therefore it is a secret. Noah was constantly thinking about Hashem, his system to reach greatness as revealed to us by the Torah.

We can utilize Noah’s system and become elevated by thinking about Hashem in the following ways:

1. Contemplate all the good things that we are grateful to Hashem for. Including the many times we were saved from all types of situations; or led to successful circumstances.

2. Notice the wisdom of Hashem in Nature and in the world all around us. Consider the endless Wisdom and Kindliness which demonstrate “plan & purpose” throughout the Universe, thereby causing us to have Awareness of Hashem.

3. Think about the wonders and miracles that Hashem did for the Jewish Nation throughout history. For example: Splitting Yam Suf; Holding up the Sun for Joshua; being fed by Mann from Heaven…

Now we know a way to become great! (The Beginning)