Despite repeated calls by the Bush administration to end anti-Israel incitement in the Palestinian Authority media, the official newspaper of the PA continues to regularly publish hate cartoons against Israel and Jews.

Continued incitement against Israel in the PA press flies in the face of U.S. sponsored Road Map plan. Aside from fighting terrorism, one of the primary obligations of the PA under this plan is the elimination of incitement against Israel. As recently as two days ago, at the AIPAC convention in Washington on Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice called on the Arabs to “end incitement in their media.”

The most recent anti-Semitic cartoon was published in the PA daily Al Hayat Al Jadeeda on May 13. It depicts a Jew impaling the northern region of a map of the Arab/Islamic world with the flag of Israel, drawing blood, while at the other end is seen an Arab holding a white flag, hanging upside down.

The cartoon was drawn by Omayya Joha, a well-known Arab cartoonist who is particularly popular among PA Arabs for her radical opinions and vehemently anti-Semitic cartoon portrayals of Jews and Israel. Joha’s husband was a Hamas terrorist who was killed in a shootout with Israeli forces in 2003. Joha herself identifies with Hamas beliefs.

The following are two cartoons drawn by Omayya Joha which appeared in Al Hayat Al Jadeeda, the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper during April 2005 in which stereotyped Jewish figures are depicted.

"The Loyal Defenders of the Temple which Never Existed"

A Jew blowing fire from a ram's horn in order to damage the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount

The following are depictions of Joha’s cartoons that were published by the same PA newspaper before the Palestinian Authority’s current leader, Mahmoud Abbas, came to power after the death of Yassar Arafat. Readers may have trouble discerning any reduction in the racial hatred despite the regime change in the Palestinian Authority.

The cartoon below depicts Prime Minister Ariel Sharon delivering a speech about peace. His tongue is in the form of a snake, a classic anti-Semitic symbol representing the Jews. The cartoon was published in Al Hayat Al Jadeeda on December 20, 2003.

The next cartoon, taken from Joha's internet site, depicts anti-Semitism and promotes suicide bombings against Israel. The writing above the arrow reads "suicide bomb attacks" and is stuck deep inside the mouth of the Jewish snake to choke it and kill it.

The cartoon below, also from her internet site, depicts Jewish control (represented by the snakes) of the United States.

The next cartoon depicts Ariel Sharon in a bowl overflowing with blood. It was published in Al Hayat Al Jadeeda on April 22, 2003.

The above cartoons were taken from the web site of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S.). These and additional anti-Semitic cartoons from Joha's website can be viewed at: