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Nine months in, the war in Israel is still ongoing. The Northern border is set to erupt at any moment and soldiers released from reserves have been called back to the front in the South.

However, soldiers on the front lines report a shortage of basic protective equipment. Some of the equipment that they are using now is old and insufficient, causing cases of attacks (under military censor) where soldiers using old equipment were harmed, while those who had newer protection weren’t.

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Something has to change and Organization Shomrei Yisroel is currently raising funds to purchase up-to-date protective equipment. This will significantly help protect our young men on the front lines.

The organization has turned to the public to equip soldiers with life-saving bulletproof plates, tactical vests, ballistic helmets, and protective goggles. The expenses are significant, reaching $1,000 for single pieces of equipment, and donations are needed to protect as many soldiers as possible.

Readers can help protect IDF troops by sponsoring up-to-date equipment for soldiers in combat. Full details can be viewed here.