Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
The football match between Belgium and Israel scheduled for September 6th in Brussels will not be possible. This was announced by the mayor of the Belgian and EU capital, Benoit Hellings, according to whom it would be "simply impossible" to guarantee public order and safety at the stadium and in the city.
“Hosting this match in our capital would provoke huge protests against it, compromising the safety of spectators, players, residents as well as the police force themselves,” Hellings said.
Poor mayor, it must be really complicated to manage a city conquered by Islam. And it couldn't even do as in Malmö, which allowed Israeli Davis Cup tennis players to play, but without an audience. But that was in 2009, a century ago.
Indeed there are many things, beyond Israel, that we should no longer do for our own "security". Publish cartoons? Exhibit statues of women in Sweden by an Iranian artist? Publishing “The Satanic Verses”? Show high school students a painting inspired by Ovid's “Metamorphoses”? How far will we go, from blackmail to blackmail? The slippery slope is not a figure of speech, but it is terrifyingly reality when dealing with radical Muslims who hate, not just Israel, but all of Western culture.
And indeed there are many things you will no longer be able to do in your city once it has reached the Brussels stage of rot.
-You will no longer be able to organize a European conference of conservatives. The mayor will send the police like his private militia to barricade the doors.
-You will no longer be able to celebrate Christmas and Easter (let alone Hanukkah) at school.
-You will no longer be able to go around certain neighborhoods without a veil.
-You will no longer be able (if you are Lgbt) to walk hand in hand in certain areas.
-You will no longer be able to read Dante in the original version, but sweetened to please Islamic migrants.
-You will no longer be able to talk in school about the Holocaust or Voltaire making fun of Turkish culture.
-You will no longer be able to organize tributes in museums to the massacred cartoonists.
-You will no longer be able to go to the biggest bookstore and order a book critical of multiculturalism.
-You will no longer be able to walk around wearing the kippah.
However, if you are Muslim, you will be able to do things that infidels are not allowed to do and that are not allowed even in your countries of origin.
You can go to the Parliament of the Infidels and recite the suras of the Koran.
You can get elected to that Parliament and then go and be a minister for a foreign state, Turkey, that wants to subjugate the first.
You will be able to set parts of the city on fire if your foreign football team loses.
You can throw rocks at the basilicas.
You can raid the stands of critics of Islam at the Book Fair.
You can organize mass demonstrations in favor of Hamas.
You can buy hundreds of churches to make mosques.
You can bribe and buy European Parliament officials.
You will be able to found a party that wants to establish sharia.
You can invite the mayor of Tehran.
This is what is happening in Brussels.
On the other hand, as the terrorist of the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam from Brussels, said in the chamber, "Islam will triumph".
Because when you no longer know how to give yourself a single reason to exist as a civilization, you will always find many reasons to die.