Kibbutz Be'eri after the attack
Kibbutz Be'eri after the attackFlash 90

The IDF has started investigating the events of October 7th, and gradually the picture of what occurred in the first two days of fighting in the Gaza border settlements is becoming clearer.

Channel 12 News has published new revelations from the battle investigations, showing several failures, including the lack of engagement by IDF forces in some hotspots around Gaza, and multiple friendly fire incidents between October 7th and 9th.

One particularly grevious error was highlighted: the decision to gather forces and intelligence instead of entering towns where military assistance might have changed the situation.

Simultaneously, the IDF is considering appointing an acting commander for the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Barak Hiram, until the investigation into the hostage situation in Be'eri, which Hiram commanded, is completed.

It was also reported that according to the IDF's estimates, the investigation into the battles at Kibbutz Be'eri will be the first to be published in July. This involves a battle with a large amount of information that needs to be collected and analyzed. Overall, there are about 40 such hotspots being investigated by military personnel, ranging from lieutenant colonels to generals.