IDF Central Command Commanding Officer Yehuda Fox
IDF Central Command Commanding Officer Yehuda FoxNati Shohat/Flash90

A heated discussion regarding nationalistic crime in Judea and Samaria turned into a fierce confrontation between IDF Central Command Commanding Officer Yehuda Fox and Samaria and Judea District Police Commander Avishai Moalem.

Fox claimed that National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir's stances influence the enforcement of nationalistic crime.

The IDF commander claimed that enforcement against violent Jews who commit nationalistic crimes in Judea and Samaria is insufficient. For example, the handling of the incident in Gitit where two Palestinian Arabs were shot during a violent riot increased tensions after none of those involved were indicted.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intervened, and said, "Let's agree that the ones who killed the Palestinians in Gitit were Jews and not Palestinians." Addressing the representative of the police, the Prime Minister said: "How can it be that during these riots not one extremist Jew who committed severe crimes was caught?"

Fox claimed that numerically in the past year there have been fewer violent incidents, but there has been an increase in severe incidents of harm to property and individuals. The police commander presented a graph and claimed that there had been a 57% decrease in nationalistic crimes compared to last year.

A security official noted that no arrests were made after the violent incidents that occurred after the murder of Jewish shepherd Binyamin Achimeir.

The IDF Spokesperson commented on the report: "We will not discuss things that were said in closed meetings."