Achieving Torah and Greatness at One Yeshiva
Achieving Torah and Greatness at One Yeshivaצילום: Courtesy

The great dilemma is finally here: Your son is about to graduate from talmud Torah and you want to continue providing him with the best education there is, so that he can receive the finest religious education and a high level of general studies without compromising on deep spiritual development in a haredi environment that matches your education at home.

Are you also debating the school setting you would like for your son next year?

Would a yeshiva and boarding school be the right choice for your son?

Overall, there are questions that need to be answered: Where will your son benefit most? Where will his qualities be recognized? Who can provide him with all the tools he needs to succeed?


To answer all these question and more, we established the Leshem guidance and counseling system. The center has a range of professionals and educators, whose mission is to advise parents about their son’s future.

At Leshem, we have extensive knowledge of all haredi yeshiva high schools across Israel, from the northern hills to its southern plains, and specialize in matching each boy to the yeshiva that will best address his needs.

In addition, we offer assistance in applying for financial scholarships and registering for the yeshiva of choice.

Alongside the prayers each parent recites for their child’s success and wellbeing, it is important to provide children with all the tools possible for becoming strong in Torah practice and building a warm, stable home while earning a livelihood.

At Leshem, you will be able to give your son a future filled with Torah, as well as a profession: a man of Torah who can earn an honorable living; a man who lives in awe of G-d and who makes good use of his abilities and talents.

It is worth noting that graduates of haredi yeshiva high schools integrate well in the finest haredi yeshivas and are considered outstanding Torah scholars.

Many parents dream of their son being accepted into top haredi yeshiva high schools, yet they do not know which school would serve him best.

Others are concerned about the challenge of completing gaps in general studies, especially English, and that at these high schools, the boys are required to have study skills, writing skills, and the motivation to succeed, which not all Talmud Torah schools prepare their students for.

That is why at Leshem our staff addresses all concerns and offers parents the best solution.

Leshem is also here to assists parents who qualify for scholarships from various sources, reducing study costs but without compromising on the right school for the child.

So just before deciding on a yeshiva for your son, speak to us at Leshem. Your son can only reap the benefits.

Don’t give up on your child – he deserves the best!

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