Ben-Gurion Airport
Ben-Gurion AirportIAA

Ben-Gurion Airport will be operating again this morning, approximately 7 hours after being closed for the Iranian attack.

The Airport Authority spokesman stated that Israel's airspace has been reopened as well.

Ben-Gurion's flight schedule is expected to change. Passengers are asked to contact their airline for updated flight times before making their way to the airport. Domestic flights within Israel are expected to be restored during the day as well.

El Al has announced that it is restoring service with some changes. "We are working to create a new flight schedule as fast as possible, and advise all passengers to confirm their departure time before making their way to the airport. All changes are detailed on our website. Our policy for changes and cancellations before April 20th is still in force. We will continue to maintain the aerial Corridor to Israel to the best possible extent."

Air France and KLM have announced that they are canceling service to Israel for the next few days and will have a separate announcement when it is restored.