Scene of terrorist attack
Scene of terrorist attackNadav Goldstein / TPS

The Fatah movement, headed by Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) defines the "first national priority" in the following statement: "Strengthening our people’s firm standing in their homeland and preventing deportation, ending with the removal of the occupation and the realization of freedom, independence and return.”

The Telegram channel of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the military arm of the Fatah movement, published a poster in which an armed operative of the organization is seen bearing the inscription: "We will pursue you wherever you are", and another poster praises the organization's terrorists, Muhammad Manasra and Mujahid Barakat Mansour as “heroes.”

Muhammad Manasra, an officer in the Palestinian police, killed Yitzhak Zeiger, 57 years old, from Shavei Shomron, and Uriya Hartum, 16.5 years old from Dolev, in the attack near Eli, and Mujahid Barakat Mansour killed Major General Ilai David Garfinkel in the attack near Dolev.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Judea & Samaria and the Gaza Strip Details also reported on their daily terrorist activities. On March 30th, operatives shot and threw explosives at IDF forces in Qabatia, Tubas, and Qalqilya, and also fired from an ambush at IDF forces in the Khan Yunis area and the soldiers moving in the Al-Marraqa area in the center of the Gaza Strip.

On March 31st, the organization's operatives shot and threw explosives at a military force that entered the Balata camp in Qalqilya and the al-Yamun settlement west of Jenin, and also launched mortar bombs at the IDF headquarters in the Shifa Hospital compound in Gaza.