President of Colombia| Gustavo Petro
President of Colombia| Gustavo PetroReuters

During the early morning delivery of humanitarian aid trucks to the northern Gaza Strip, Gazan residents violently gathered around the trucks and looted the equipment that had been delivered. Dozens of Gazans were injured as a result of being crushed and trampled, as well as from IDF fire after they endangered the soldiers.

In a post published by Colombian Gustavo Petro on the X social network, he wrote, "Netanyahu murdered 100 Palestinians while they were begging for food. This is called genocide and reminds us of the Holocaust, even if the world powers don’t want to acknowledge it."

Following Petro's previous statements about halting the transfer of arms to Colombia, Israel announced that it, "condemns the President's words, which constitute support for the heinous acts of Hamas terrorists, inflame antisemitism, harm the emissaries of the State of Israel and threaten the peace of the Jewish community in Colombia."

In the past, the Colombian president called the IDF's attacks in the Gaza Strip "genocide" and compared Israel's attacks to Nazi Germany, statements that also drew reaction from the US government.