Yair Golan
Yair GolanAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

Former MK Yair Golan is preparing to run for the leadership of the Labor Party at the end of May, journalist Amit Segal reported on Channel 12 News on Monday.

Golan, who was an MK for Meretz in the previous Knesset, announced that if he is elected, he will change the party and its institutions, and will gather under it the veterans of Meretz and the Kaplan protest movement.

"We have two tasks - to dismantle the government as quickly as possible and to unite the camp. Unfortunately, Merav Michaeli is forcing internal primaries in the Labor Party and opposes the unification of the camp. We will be elected, unite, and in the process we will establish a new political framework that will unite the entire liberal-democratic camp under a new brand," said Golan.

The report comes a day after the Labor Party announced that the primaries for the position of party chairman will be held on May 28, after the party's management approved the "outline" for the primaries for the leadership of the party.