Rabbi Shteinman ztz"l
Rabbi Shteinman ztz"lYaakov Naumi/Flash90

Winner'S Auctions is offering Rabbi Aharon Shteinman’s velvet Shabbat robe to the highest bidder.

Ahead of the sale, to be held in about two weeks, the sellers emphasize that it is a "fancy and luxurious black robe, made of a fabric with a velvety texture and a delicate striped pattern."

According to the sellers, this is a "sacred piece of clothing," that one of his grandchildren received.

They also said, "The rabbi wore it for many years, especially in the winter. The robe is made of a particularly warm fabric and the rabbi needed it after so many years of asceticism."

The spiritual virtue of “items that belong to righteous people” was described in detail, while clarifying that the robe is in "very good" condition and that the proceeds from the sale of the robe "are intended for upholding Torah studies.”