A win for Israel - in Rwanda
A win for Israel - in RwandaIsrael Premier-Tech

The Israel Premier – Tech Cycling Team made history in Rwanda Monday with an exceptional victory at the Tour of Rwanda, as Itamar Einhorn claimed a significant win in the second stage of the race.

This victory not only marks a milestone for Einhorn but also for Israeli cycling as a whole: It is the first time an Israeli champion has triumphed in this prestigious event.

Covering 130 kilometers and conquering three challenging climbs, Einhorn showcased his prowess and determination as he surged ahead in the final sprint, leaving his closest competitors trailing behind.

Reflecting on his remarkable achievement, Einhorn expressed his elation, stating, "This is undoubtedly a great victory. I'm thrilled to have handled the climbs so well, a result of hard work in preparation for this season. The breakaway initially worried us, but once we closed it and I tackled those climbs, all that was left was to gear up for the sprint. It was incredibly fast, but truthfully? I felt like I had no real challengers in this sprint. I'm glad I proved it. There's no better way to start the season. I'm ecstatic!"

Einhorn also acknowledged the pivotal role of his teammate, Chris Froome, in securing the victory, stating, "Chris was wonderful. He closed down the breakaway in the last kilometer, giving me the chance to win. Truthfully, he also helped me to my first victory in the Tour of Slovakia. Now, he's done it for me again. Amazing."

Chris Froome, celebrated for his sportsmanship and camaraderie, echoed Einhorn's sentiments, emphasizing the significance of the win for the Israeli team and the enthusiastic support received from the crowds.

The victory in Rwanda comes at a poignant moment as the Israel Premier – Tech Cycling Team commemorates the first anniversary of the Field of Dreams cycling center. Initiated by the team and its owner, Sylvan Adams, with the generous support of over 1000 team fans, the Field of Dreams has become a symbol of hope and opportunity for aspiring cyclists in Bugesera, Rwanda, and beyond.

Reflecting on the impact of the Field of Dreams, four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome emphasized its transformative potential, stating, "The ultimate goal over the next decade is to have somebody from Bugesera reach the top level of professional cycling. If that were to happen, that would be a dream come true, and I believe it’s possible."

Sylvan Adams, the visionary behind the Field of Dreams project, expressed his pride and commitment to its continued success, affirming, "I am proud of the work that my Israel – Premier Tech bike team did in Rwanda, in building this Field of Dreams for aspiring cyclists of all ages. This project, realized with the help of our many fans worldwide, reflects our Jewish values of improving our world and promoting peace and friendship globally. Despite the challenges, including the tragic events of 7 October, we are inspired by the resilience of both the Israeli and Rwandan peoples. We look forward to the possibility of the Field of Dreams being a key location in next year’s World Championship road race in Rwanda.”

Since its inauguration, the center has hosted a record-breaking eight weekends of junior racing on its race track, showcasing its impact for all to see."

The anniversary event, attended by dignitaries including the Israeli Ambassador to Rwanda and representatives from the Rwandan Cycling Federation, showcased the profound impact of the Field of Dreams on the local community. From hosting junior racing events to providing training opportunities for aspiring coaches, the center has become a hub of activity and empowerment in Bugesera.

Following the Field of Dreams event, the Israel Premier – Tech Cycling Team paid tribute to the victims of the 1994 genocide at the nearby Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre, honoring the memory of those who lost their lives.