Pollard speaks to yeshiva students
Pollard speaks to yeshiva studentsYeshivat Or Vishua

Former spy Jonatan Pollard arrived at the Or Vishua yeshiva in Haifa and talked with the yeshiva's students and faculty about the importance of Torah students in Israel, the importance of the national project of the hesder yeshivas that prepare their students for military service, and the goals of the IDF in the war against the Hamas terrorist organization.

"The army must undergo a reform and a fundamental change from within. The change must be carried out in two ways: from the top down, and from the bottom up. In other words," explained Pollard, "a change must be made at the top of the military system by replacing the Chief of Staff and changing the face of the entire General Staff so that the spirit Change first at the top of the system and then go and infiltrate down to the last of the soldiers as well. But even more important is the change that needs to come from below, from the junior echelon that is gradually occupying the key positions in the system. This is the right thing to do in order to transform the IDF into an army that fights according to the tradition of Jewish values, for the sake of the Jewish people living in Israel."

"This is where the importance of Torah students comes in because you are the ones who will create the Jewish army, who will fight for the sanctification of God," he said. "Everyone is fighting now, the secular, the traditional, the religious and the ultra-Orthodox side by side in a wonderful way and that is blessed. But we want to make sure that the army is united around the goal of protecting the Jewish state and the Jewish identity of the state."

Pollard also referred to the hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and said: "I know the captives well and intimately. I know how difficult and complex it is, but right now we need a victory over Hamas and a victory that will bring the kidnapped back home. It is forbidden to agree to deals with Hamas under any circumstances. The main goal of the war is the complete victory over Hamas and its complete destruction. Regarding the abductees, we will do everything so that they return at the same time. That's the only way we can bring them home, all of them." He added: "We have 8 million "kidnapped" if we agree to deals with Hamas. 8 million more Jews who live in the country and the duty is to protect them too at all costs. We do not have the authority to pay too heavy a price."