Minister Yoav Ben-Tzur
Minister Yoav Ben-TzurMinister of Labor's office

Minister of Labor Yoav Ben-Tzur (Shas) on Thursday discussed the issue of IDF reservists being fired from their jobs after returning from the battlefield.

"Do they not have compassion for people who are fighting and risking their lives on the front?" he wondered in an interview with Radio Kol Hai. The thanks that we give them is a pink slip? The employers' committee can fine the employer a five-month salary for that soldier. In addition, the enforcement administration can give fines of up to 40 thousand (nis). Call us, and we will deal with it to the extent of the law."

The Minister also discussed price hikes: "It is upsetting that big companies raise prices during a war. It is a cynical exploitation of opportunities, while the economy is in turmoil. This act should not be done, and we in the government need to say something. We can take down monopolies, allow imports, and a lot of other things."

Regarding the hostage deal which is currently being discussed, he said that "we need to let the War Cabinet meet and do its job. It has experienced people who know the details. I trust (Shas chairman Arye) Deri, the responsible adult in the room. I don't know the details so I don't have an opinion. There still is no agreed-on deal."

Ben-Tzur also spoke about the humanitarian aid to Gaza: "We are trying to find a way for the military to get in the picture and make sure the aid reaches the civilians. We have a responsibility, the civilians there need to eat."

Regarding the political discourse with the opposition, he said that "in war, you don't make changes, declarations, or regime changes; all of the families ask that we don't stop, that the sacrifices are not for naught. We need unity to win."