Netanyahu and Ben Gvir
Netanyahu and Ben GvirYonatan Sindel/flash90

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir called the Prime Minister today (Wednesday) and demanded to immediately stop sending humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza and to schedule a further Cabinet discussion on the issue.

"As you know, many protesters, including families of hostages, bereaved families, and families of soldiers who are now fighting in Gaza, came to the crossings today in an attempt to block the aid trucks to Gaza, after the Cabinet, decided to allow this transfer. I obviously objected to this," Ben Gvir wrote to Netanyahu.

He added that "the pictures from the protest published on news channels during the war are unacceptable – the IDF soldiers are using immense force against the families of the hostages, bereaved families and civilians whose family members are now risking their lives in Gaza, while the police have been forced to take part in these operations."

"The people of Israel are now fighting a war that they have not chosen, in order to defend Israel against its enemies. These images harm the unity of the people, social cohesion, and the war effort. In light of the above, I demand an immediate halt to the passage of the trucks through the border crossings. At the same time, I call on you to schedule a repeat discussion, as soon as possible, in this decision," Ben Gvir wrote to Netanyahu.

Ben Gvir also demanded a re-discussion of the decision to approve the introduction of aid to Gaza. "I am hopeful that the harsh pictures that were published will convince the other cabinet members who supported the decision to join me and oppose: humanitarian for humanitarian, and that too only through other countries and under no circumstances via or through the State of Israel."