IDF soldiers operating in Gaza
IDF soldiers operating in GazaIDF spokesperson

A new poll by the The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) revealed a stark contrast between the policy which the US is advancing and the position of the majority of Israelis.

The poll shows that 44% of Jews in Israel believe that the country should, as soon as possible, open a second front to fight the Hezbollah terror group in northern Israel, while 44% of Israeli Arabs prefer an internationally-supported agreement.

When asked about the situation in Gaza, 36% of Jewish Israelis believe that Israel needs to control the entire Gaza Strip, while 26% would like to see Gush Katif rebuilt.

Only 5% of Jews in Israel would agree to the solution put forward by the US, which would see the Palestinian Authority governing Gaza as well.

Professor Yedidia Stern, President of JPPI, commented, "The US is a close friend, and without its support, Israel is in a much less favorable position. And at the same time, as between friends, it would be appropriate for the Americans to listen to the voices coming from here."

"We must try to advance the operations, both in the north and in Gaza, by agreement - as is customary between friends. As usual, US Jews may have a significant role here as well."