Tal Ramon and Amit Farkash
Tal Ramon and Amit FarkashAssaf Goldfried

Tal Ramon, son of the late Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, lost his brother Assaf, who was an F16 pilot, 14 years ago during operational training.

Now, following the Gaza war, he is releasing a new song about bereaved Israeli families, and invited Amit Farkash – a bereaved sister herself – to join him.

"We are all wounded by this war. There is no one who does not know someone who fell," says Ramon, "every morning we wake up with this fear, that another person close to us has left us, all so that we can live here, in our country."

"I am watching time pass and seeing how the circle of Israeli bereaved families has grown. I think of all the people who are experiencing the unimaginable loss that I experienced and the abyss that awaits them. All of this inspired me to write the song 'Dear Brother.' Working on the song helped me deal with reality, and the music, as always, helped me express the great pain and frustration that I feel."

From the very beginning it was clear to me that the song 'Dear Brother' calls for connection, dialogue, another voice, and I immediately thought of working together with Amit Farkash, who lost her brother, the late Captain Tom Farkash, who was killed in a helicopter crash during the Second Lebanon War. Both of our losses are so personal, but at the same time, also national. When Amit and I met, we had a deep understanding that did not need any explanation in words. We both wanted to support, give comfort through the song and deliver a strengthening message."

The song begins with the words "They are shooting at us / wounding us" and continues with the request that we hold hope among the broken souls for our loved ones to return to us safe and sound.

Amit Farkash says that "When Tal suggested that I take part in his song, I was very excited. Since October 7th, our lives have changed, and I am so sad to hear that so many new brothers and sisters have joined the circle of bereaved families. As soon as I heard the song it was clear to me that Tal wrote it for all these siblings from his own private pain, but also out of a desire to strengthen and support."

"That is how we also found a connection to each other – a connection of music and pain."