HanukkahFlash 90

The Menorah-lighting ceremony planned for the Arts and Music Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia, was cancelled due to the war in Gaza and presumably as a protest against Israel.

The Daily Press reports that Shirley Vermilion, the festival coordinator, said that the large electric Menorah to be lit at the festival appeared inappropriate in light of the war. "We are concerned that people will think we are taking a side or favoring one side over the other," she commented. She likewise mentioned that the festival was intended to be for people of all faiths and cultures.

The local Jewish community severely criticized the decision: "It should be quite clear that this is antisemitism - to say that Jews are connected to or responsible in some way for the policies of Israel and to subject all Jews to political tests just so they can take part in a public event when they are not connected to Israel."

"These standards are not being enforced against any other community," they noted.