Simcha L’Chayalim
Simcha L’ChayalimSimcha L’Chayalim

Soldiers up north turn to supporters in the USA, asking them not to forget about them.

As the war hits the 2-month mark and families around the world celebrate Chanuka together, organizations like Simcha L’chayalim are on a mission to bring Simcha and life to every soldier on the battlefield.

But funds have run low, and they are in danger of stopping this service. In desperation, Simcha L’Chayalim, on behalf of the soldiers, has turned to supporters in the USA to help them continue their service.

A soldier up North shared ‘The only thing that keeps us going is these events - the singing, the fresh food, the Shabbos meals. We have nowhere warm to sleep and go from a freezing night into another day of battle. We desperately need warm clothes that the army doesn’t provide.”

Since the war began, Simcha L’Chayalim has brought fresh food, music, Shabbos meals, and warm winter clothes to fighting soldiers. You can donate here to ensure they don’t have to stop their work.