IDF soldiers operating in Gaza
IDF soldiers operating in GazaIDF spokesperson

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari reported this evening (Monday) that the IDF continues to work to sever the connection between the Hamas leadership and terrorists in the field as part of the operation to eradicate the terrorist organization from Gaza.

"During the past day, based on intelligence from the ISA and IDF Intelligence, IDF troops killed terrorists and terrorist commanders, among them, battlefield commanders at the rank of platoon commanders and a Hamas battalion commander of the Deir al Balah central Gaza brigade, and the head of Hamas special security. These and other Hamas terrorists were all killed overnight and during the past day, in a combined attack with fighter jets. The most senior among them, the battalion commander head of Hamas special security were personally involved in planning the October 7th massacre and directing Hamas terrorists of the Nukhba unit. These terrorists are among the Hamas field level commanders who were killed by our forces in airstrikes, in coordination with ground forces. Eliminating the Hamas field command significantly undermines Hamas capabilities to carry out counter attacks. This also highlights the disconnect between the field level and Hamas leadership. We will continue to eliminate Hamas commanders on the ground through combat and to sever their connection with the Hamas leadership.
Combat engineering forces are dismantling terror infrastructure on the ground and terror tunnel shafts. We are tracking each terror tunnel shaft that we discover. Combat engineering troops arrive at each terror tunnel shaft and install in each of them various devices to destroy the underground terror tunnels which we uncover. Many of these terror shafts are located adjacent to schools, hospitals and humanitarian institutions. This is further proof that Hamas acts cynically from within the civilian population, using them as human shields and endangering them."

"IDF Armor and Infantry forces identified and destroyed a Hamas military compound, in which there were over 50 rocket launching pits, which were adjacent to a mosque."

"The Chief of the General Staff conducted a situational assessment at the Adir Squadron at the Nevatim airbase. The Adir F-35 jets strike terror targets and assist ground forces in very close proximity strikes – as close as 200 meters away. The Israel Air Force protects infantry units as they advance. In parallel, the same Israel Air Force strikes across the Middle East against any threat or Israeli security interests."

"To date, we notified the families of 240 hostages. We embrace the families and will continue to make every effort, with other security agencies, to bring the hostages home. We have also notified the families of 384 fallen IDF soldiers who died fighting for the State of Israel.Today, the security agencies led by the Defense Ministry, held an unveiling of a memorial at the National Memorial Hall at Mt. Herzl. On the bricks are engraved the names of 394 IDF soldiers who have fallen in the war thus far, as well as fallen members of the police and the ISA, that fell bravely in the battle to defend the country. We salute the fallen and bear their memory; our hearts are with their families."