Rabbi Berachyahu leads the prayer
Rabbi Berachyahu leads the prayerIsrael Police

The Chief Rabbi of the Israel Police, Rami Berachyahu, held a prayer tonight at the Western Wall plaza for the safety of the security forces.

Rabbi Berachyahu said that the many officers who are stationed in the Old City and thousands of other officers who will be on the streets of the cities and towns during Yom Kippur and the days of Sukkot will do everything in their power so that the people of Israel can concentrate on prayers and requests to the Creator of the world, both in requests for the public and in requests for the individual.

The Rabbi added that in conversations with the police officers, he felt that all of them are imbued with a purpose, know their mission, and are ready to pay the price of being cut off from home and family in these days of security tensions. Many policemen told the Rabbi that the prayers on Yom Kippur strengthen their adherence to their assignments.

Rabbi Berachyahu reiterated the recommendations of the security services that legal firearm owners should go armed during Yom Kippur and to ensure that telephones are available in synagogues, and noted that there is a duty for the Rabbis of the communities, the sextons, and the worshipers to do as much as possible so that every synagogue has a worshiper with a weapon. The Rabbi noted that it is important that all these places also have a telephone in case of need.

In recent days, Rabbi Berachyahu instructed the police regarding the laws related to their necessary activity on Yom Kippur, both regarding drinking, and movement and responding to the general public. The Rabbi called on the public to offer a prayer for the safety of the security forces on Yom Kippur.