Regime change for Iran
Regime change for IranErfan Fard

When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran. (1 Samuel 17.51)

The present resurgence of domestic terrorism isn't surprising. It's part of Iran's strategy to distract Israel from disarming the Islamic republic. To make matters worse, the Biden administration's derelict attitude sends terror groups the signal to that "lights are on but nobody's home" at the White House."

Yet Israel shouldn't get entangled with domestic affairs to the point of neglecting Iran's nuclear menace. Having too many priorities amounts to having none. And no other priority should stand besides disarming Iran.

It will be messy – of course - but that's Iran's fault. And the longer Israel delays her military intervention, the messier it will be. The Jewish State should not settle for being ready to wage war to Iran and its proxies but should initiate a full scale military attack to decapitate the giant, thus benefiting from the element of surprise.

That is the blow that has to be dealt.

Easier said than done, needless to say, but this mortal challenge has no alternative. To wait any longer amounts to self-destruction by procrastination. Wishful thinking is no solution. Things WON'T improve. On the contrary, they worsen by the day. Time is the essence. As we say in French: "Il faut se méfier de l'eau qui dort." ("Beware of still waters"), meaning that one should remain alert during a period of quite even though everything seems alright.

So no more talking. Diplomacy has purposely been used by Iran to buy time to get closer to the bomb. Israel has zero advantage to drag her feet. She must courageously take the offensive while the window of opportunity is available. The hour has come for the ultimate undertaking.

The Israeli Left should thus come to its senses and stop obstructing this government's work because no other government will have the guts to take up such an oversized challenge. Surely not Lapid's Frankenstein government made-up of has-beens which wasted 18 precious months turning in circle and proven incapable of accomplishing anything while Iran wasted no time increasing its lethality.

Israel cannot and should not rely on the Biden's two-faced administration either. Having a backstabber watching over your back is a fatal faux pas. To quote the Bible, Biden is "that broken reed of a staff, which will pierce the hand of any man who leans on it." (2 Kings 18.21)

Nor can Israel afford to wait another two years to see if Trump will get re-elected in 2024… and take office in 2025.

The clock is ticking.

The danger is real - imminent.

Let the shofar be heard - loud and clear.

Even though Israel is on her own, she is not alone. She has a God. The only true God.

We all look forward to the day when the news will announce: "The Republic of Iranium is no more!"

Nobody's gonna cry over that ogre. Who needs a cancer? The Iranian people will be the first to rejoice. The Middle-East will utter a sigh of relief and the whole world will be a safer place. As for Israel, the ever-present burden of the Iranian nuclear threat will at last be off her mind.

Once Israel will have beheaded Iran, like David did to Goliath, Hamas, PIJ, the Lion's den, Hezbollah and all other nearby terror parasites will fade away of themselves, having no one to feed their dementia.

That's the bonus, the cherry on the cake.

May the God of Israel grant the current leadership the grace to initiate the total destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities and arsenal - once for all. May the God of Israel grant victory to his People.

"Let us be courageous for our People and for the Cities of our God, and may the LORD do what seems good to Him." — Joab (2 Samuel 10:12)

Marc 'Edge' Doyon is with Légende Communication, Quebec, Canada, where he is a computer graphic artist specializing in visual communication.