North Korea
North KoreaMoshe Shay/Flash 90

The Kyiv Chamber Orchestra found refuge in Italy at the beginning of the Ukraine War with the special approval of President Zelensky and is now calling for peace, both in Ukraine and Korea, based on Jewish sources.

This coming Tuesday at 09:00 Korea time (02:00 AM Israel time), the prayer "El Maleh Rahamim" ("God, who is full of mercy"), a traditional Jewish prayer for the souls of the deceased, will be played in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, composed by the Israelis Baruch Berliner and Nahum Slutsker and the Ukrainian Sergei Krutsenko and performed by the Kyiv orchestra.

The new song for prayer is part of the soundtrack of the recently released film "The Address on the Wall" starring Alex Ansky and directed by Krutsenko, who died in Kyiv after the end of production about six months ago and tells the story of the massacre in Babi Yar, in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, at the end of September in 1941. The film was successfully screened at festivals in Spain, Hungary, the United States, Germany, Cyprus, and England and will soon be screened in Israel as well.

After this event, Berliner's works will be played in the city of PyeongChang in South Korea (where the Winter Olympics were held in 2018) at the country's largest classical music festival.

Berliner and Slutsker arrived in Korea before their trip to France, and after an impressive tour in Madeira in Portugal, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Lima in Peru, and Quito and Bucaramanga in Ecuador, from there, they will continue to Italy and then to Croatia.