Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuReuters

During the weekly cabinet meeting today (Sunday), the ministers held a discussion on the establishment of the new community of 'Ramat Arbel' in the Galilee. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the announcement of the new community makes today a "holiday" for the State of Israel.

"The news we bring today is a decision to establish a new settlement in the Galilee, Ramat Arbel, this is a holiday for the State of Israel and the pioneer families, this is very important news for Jewish settlement," Netanyahu said.

"This settlement is being established in the place where there was a settlement during the Second Temple period," Netanyahu noted. and spoke about the history of the place from the time of Nitai of Arbel, the Rabbnic Court head and vice-president of the Sanhedrin during the Second Century BCE. He is quoted in Ethics of the Fathers and served along with the president of the Sanhedrin, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachya, during the 200 year period known as that of he "zugot,,".the pairs of Sages who led pre-TannaicTorah life in Israel.

Regarding the recent riots in France, he said: "The Israeli government views with concern the waves of antisemitism that are sweeping France and strongly condemns the attacks against Jewish targets in France and supports the French government in its fight against antisemitism."