Michael Puah, chairman of the Bochrim B'Mishpacha (choosing family) organization, published a video in which he responds to the LGBT organizations' claim of homophobia from the organizations that support strengthening the family.

The video is released in collaboration with the 'Voice of Israel' movement, which was established with the aim of promoting Jewish and national values in the State of Israel.

In the video, Puah hits back at those accusing Puah of suppressing alternatives to their own lifestyles: "According to the LGBT organizations, to say that a family is a father and a mother is homophobia. According to them, we must instead say parent one and parent two. The use of the word homophobia is intended to silence us. Who decided that there are many types of families? There are many types of households, but family, like other words in Hebrew, is precise and focused."

Puah adds his explanation of why only the family framework in which there is a father and a mother is the right one to create a family unit:

"Whoever calls us a homophobe is actually a homophobe themselves, as they are afraid to admit that there is a special value to the identity and uniqueness of man and woman, that only the relationship between the two can bring life to the world, that only the alliance between them creates the responsibility for the next generation. A sexual relationship is not only self-realization through the other, but it is part of a great and sublime fabric of a world of family values that includes loyalty, responsibility, a bond between generations, giving without limits, and a holy bond that is created with a holy people. From now on, when you are silenced with a claim of homophobia, tell the accuser, with a smile, no, you are the homophobe."