Seattle, Washington
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A 35-year old woman from the state of Washington who was arrested by police for alleged lewd acts with teenage runaways told police she identified as a 15-year-old boy.

Amanda Dorrough is accused of sharing graphic texts with a group of mostly teen runaways along with providing them with alcohol and drugs, according to Fox News.

The adult woman was charged with “unlawful harboring of minors” after authorities found she planned to flee to Seattle, the Port Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

A vice principal of a Port Angeles school told a police officer that eight students were allegedly interacting with Dorrough in a “gully near a church.” Items discovered there included evidence incriminating the suspect in the alleged lewd activities with the underage students.

Previously, police had been contacted 10 times about Dorrough’s inappropriate behavior with minors, the police report said. They were first called on April 11 and then contacted 11 more times, including the final communication that caused her to be placed under arrest.

Two days before she was placed in police custody, on May 2, police searched her apartment to locate the underage teens. They found three teenagers "running through the parking lot away from Dorrough's apartment." An officer then went to the gully where the suspect had reportedly been seen with underage children, where he found her with one of the runaway students, according to a police report.

The next day, Dorrough was told by police that the teen was a runaway.

The attending officer wrote in a report that there was enough evidence to arrest Dorrough for “unlawful harboring of a minor” due to her being told by police that one of the students was a runaway.

Later, she told Clallam County Jail staff that she identified as a 15-year old teenage boy, according to police.

When police arrived to place her in custody, she reportedly told an officer that she “feels like teenagers ‘understand’ her better" and "she ‘identifies’ better with teenage kids," the police report stated.

Her neighbours contacted police saying that minors had been “constantly” going in and out of her apartment, with one call telling police that Dorrough was seen in the hall with a boy who appeared to around 13.

A parent of a runaway teenage girl told police that she discovered her daughter at Dorrough’s apartment, and their daughter allegedly told them she had been smoking marijuana at the apartment, which she was told was a spice cigarette, and had consumed vodka. The daughter also said she had been using meth, police said.

Another parent told police she tracked her son’s phone to the woman’s apartment.

A report by Seattle radio related that when the suspect told an underage boy that she liked him and he told her that he didn’t feel the same way, she became so upset she “almost killed herself.”

Dorrough faces a charge of one count of "distributing a controlled substance (marijuana/cannabis) to a minor," according to Fox News.