March in support of Hamas
March in support of HamasMajdi Fathi/TPS

Salah Bardawil, a member of the political bureau of the Hamas terrorist organization, is claiming that "the internal divisions of opinion in the "Zionist entity are an important opportunity for the resistance to bring about a breakthrough."

In an interview with Hamas’ official television channel, Bardawil, who is among the top leaders of Hamas, said that "the instability in the Zionist entity encouraged many investors to withdraw their money from the occupation's banks."

"The nature of the Zionist entity is based on fascism, crime and aggression," he continued, adding that "the existence of the fascist Zionist government is an opportunity for the Palestinian people to expose the occupation and its crimes."

In this context, Bardawil said that "the world is witnessing political changes for the benefit of our interests and the (Palestinian) Authority must understand and take advantage of this."

"Palestinian history has proven that the resistance forces the Zionist occupation to retreat," he claimed, and therefore "it is required of all organizations to formulate a national strategy of action that will take advantage of the independent activity of the resistance."

Bardawil also said that "the West Bank is the one that will decide the conflict with the Zionist occupation" noting that "the Zionist soldier wishes for death in order not to face the resistance in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."