A Chabad house in San Francisco hosted a Super Bowl party on Sunday for the city’s homeless people.

The idea was originally the brainchild of Jewish Brooklyn activist and YouTuber Meir Kay who wanted to help people living on the streets, and realized they had nowhere to watch the Super Bowl.

He hit upon throwing “Super Soul Parties” for those who don’t have a roof over their heads and a living room from which to watch the NFL championship game.

The concept has spread across the US and was in evidence at the Chabad SF center in San Francisco on Sunday, CBS News reported.

“To bring somebody that doesn't really have a community, doesn't really have a home… in to a safe space for them to engage with the community," Chabad SF director Rabbi Moshe Langer told the news outlet, explaining the concept.

Besides a widescreen television, the Super Soul Party provided warm clothes and clean socks to the guests along with information about how to access city services. They also provided them with haircuts free of charge.

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without food. And in this case, Chef Bernard Birch served 20 pounds of wings and 20 pounds of hamburgers and fries.

"In my opinion, you cannot get better than that!" Birch told the outlet. "A good hotdog, a good burger, a hot wing with some coleslaw with some salad – you cannot get better than that!"

"Whatever we can do in our sphere of influence to help another person, whether it's give a smile to them, give a drink, make a Super Bowl party for them – you never know the ripple effect that will have on an individual,” Rabbi Langer said.