We live in a digital age, and while it made certain things easier, such as the ability to launch your own business from the comforts of your home, it also made other aspects significantly harder. For instance, the competition between small businesses right now is fierce.

Not even those who managed to get themselves viral and talked about have their future success guaranteed. Consistency is always the key.

Fortunately, the tools to make success happen are also more accessible now than before. Social media platforms, like Instagram, can help you establish your brand’s online recognition and reputation

It’s not going to be an easy route, but if you buy Instagram followers, it will certainly hasten things up a bit. Hence, here are 29 of the best sites to turn to if you want to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, or even buy Instagram views.

29 of the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers From

1. | Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers

We will kick off this directory with one of our favorite social media marketing companies. To tell you honestly, we even take note of them in our marketing strategy whenever we’re in need to raise our follower counts.

What we like most about them, though, is the fact that they only cater to Instagram. This gives them the experience and expertise you won’t easily find from other marketing agencies handling multiple platforms.

They have three main services. You can buy Instagram likes, views, and of course, followers from them.

Upon clicking on the Buy Instagram Followers option, you will then be presented with two types of followers: high-quality and premium quality. Regardless of which one you choose, you can rest assured that each follow will come from a real person.

The authority sites like Economic Times, Dailyiowan, Inventiva also recommend this site as great service provider.


Another favorite of ours is the social marketing agency, They focus on Instagram as well, and thus you can only expect Instagram-focused services from them.

As such, they are also masters of the platform, having worked in delivering organic followers to the IG accounts that need them.

As we have mentioned above, only offers four types of engagement. You can buy Instagram views, likes, auto likes, and followers. If you want to get Instagram followers, you have two options: high-quality and premium followers.

Both will get you real followers coming from real accounts. The only difference between them is that premium followers will get you free lifetime refills.


The two previous agencies are focused on Instagram alone. On one hand, it gives the company focus and expertise, but this will also mean that they tend to be limited.

After all, it offers convenience to have all your engagement needs in one place. This is what can offer that the companies mentioned above couldn’t. That said, they cover services for six different platforms, including TikTok, Twitch, and of course, Instagram.

They also offer four Youtube services like the others. You can buy Youtube subscribers, views, likes, and views.

Like the others, you will have the choice between two types of followers, namely high-quality and premium followers. Both will provide real followers, so any plan is guaranteed to impress your target audience.

What we really value in is its secured payments feature. This way, we get the peace of mind that our credit card information won’t be at risk just because we want to buy followers Instagram.


If there’s one thing that can severely put the online credibility of your Instagram account at risk, that would be getting fake followers. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you’re working with a reputable company.

This is what we like best about They are known for providing genuine, high-quality followers. In fact, they’ve even been featured by other renowned websites for this before, such as Men’s Journal, HeraldNet, and DigitalTrends.

Indeed, is a great agency to work with if you want to gain more followers to give your quality content a quick boost. They offer engagement services for five of the biggest social media platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Spotify.

Moving on, they offer five different Instagram services. You can buy Instagram likes, auto likes, views, followers, and comments, something most agencies don’t offer. Their followers packages are then categorized into two types, high-quality and premium (their bestseller).

5. Viralyft

There are times when your social media profile just needs a facelift to grow its followers organically. Other times, it will need social proof一a number of existing followers that can encourage others to do the same.

Regardless of which strategy better suits your campaign, you can depend on Viralyft and its services to help you out. They cater to a selection of online’s biggest social media platforms. We are most interested in their Instagram engagement services, though.

They have seven different offers in all. That’s the most that we’ve seen in this list so far. These are followers, likes, auto likes, views, story views, reel views, and comments.

Those to buy followers Instagram have two types of followers to choose from, namely high-quality followers and premium quality followers. Each type is then divided into nine different plans depending on how many you want to purchase.

6. SocialWick

Social proof is effective because it works pretty much like a spark. It can trigger a domino effect in your social media stats. When you buy Instagram comments you will enjoy service on time and quality.

In buying Instagram followers, you’ll also encourage people to become active followers of your other social media channels, such as Facebook and YouTube. This only happens if you avoid getting fake followers.

Instead, you’ll fare better with the real engagement provided by the next agency that we’re going to feature一Social Wick.

Social Wick offers services to a wide variety of social media platforms that we can’t even list them all here due to the limited space in this article. Those who wish to buy followers on Instagram may access their IG services.

They have nine types of engagement available along with special business packages. Each business package will get you thousands of followers, likes, views, impressions, and saves for your next 15 posts in an affordable bundle.

7. GetViral

If there’s one thing that most social media users don’t realize, achieving a trending status on the internet doesn’t always happen by chance.

Most of the time, posts and profiles go viral through well-placed strategies such as buying followers on Instagram. Fortunately, reputable companies like GetViral can help you, well, get viral.

Kidding aside, they are not regarded as “the most reliable place to buy Instagram followers” for no reason.

Like the previous agencies, they offer two types of followers. These are high-quality and premium. Each type is then divided into eight different plans depending on the number of followers you wish to get, ranging from 250 to 10,000 followers.

We are talking about thousands of followers that are all real users and not fake accounts. Their services are exceptionally ideal if you need them within a short period. After all, delivery for their order starts almost immediately after making payment.

8. VastLikes

There are a lot of businesses and individuals that worry about cybersecurity when they want to get Instagram followers. That’s because there’s a real risk of receiving fake accounts for their hard-earned money.

The quality to buy Youtube views is awesome.

In addition, there’s the possibility of giving your financial information away to absolute scammers. That's why VastLikes offer its services in exchange for cryptocurrency instead.

Using Bitcoin or Perfectmoney is usually more secure and anonymous, after all.

VastLikes ensure that their patrons achieve their engagement rate goals with real users. However, what makes them special is the opportunity they give their clients to specify how many follows they want per purchase.

Instead of offering ready-made packages, you can type the quantity you want as long as that number falls between 100 and 100,000. They will then calculate the cost of your order and let you choose your preferred payment methods.

9. MegaFamous

Do you want to achieve Insta-fame overnight? It’s not impossible as long as you have two elements: real users and instant delivery.

The good news is that these are both things that MegaFamous can provide. They only offer high-quality followers, no fake accounts, and you can expect your order to start coming at the moment you’ve settled your payment.

While they don’t have a premium follower type, you can rest assured that your engagement will still come from active accounts managed by real people.

All orders will also come with 24/7 support一something that other social media agencies only offer with their premium packages. They have six different high-quality plans for you to choose from, ranging from 100 to 5,000 followers.

In addition, you will receive them in safe increments to resemble organic growth and not put your credibility at risk.

10. Buy Cheap Followers Likes (BCFL)

Buy Cheap Followers Likes might have a different URL, but don’t be mistaken; their agency’s name is BCFL. They’ve only named their website this way (BuyInstagramFollowers.Org) for SEO purposes.

Like all the social media marketing companies that we are going to feature in this directory, BCFL offers 100% real and active followers for all your Instagram needs.

We can see why some people may doubt their reputation given their low prices, but we guarantee you, their engagement will not come from fake accounts. They’re just living through to their objective: to provide affordable engagement for the growing brands that need them.

BCFL offers two types of Instagram followers. These are daily Instagram followers and USA Instagram followers. The prior provides you with engagement that will stream in every day to simulate organic growth.

On the other hand, the latter provides engagement coming strictly from US-based users. You can expect two major benefits from working with BCFL.

First, they have a quick delivery. Second, they also give away free likes with some of their packages.

Ready to purchase your new followers? Then just choose your preferred follower type, package, and payment method. You can make that purchase through credit card, debit card, and other secured options.

11. Z2U

Those who wish to buy followers on Instagram can also consider Z2U. Unlike the other companies, Z2U is not a social media marketing agency per se.

Instead, it is a marketplace where you’ll find different sources of authentic followers. As such, they currently have 88 different options for you to get your IG followers from.

They guarantee that the sellers on their site online provide high-quality Instagram followers and not fake ones that come from bots.

Now, we will be remiss if we don’t point out that it will always be safer to deal with established companies rather than the marketers that offer their services through Z2U. After all, such agencies come with more features and accessible customer support.

The problem with established agencies, though, is that their services also come at a price. It’s not something that new brands with limited budgets can get.

This is where the marketers from Z2U can help you out. Just a quick tip. Choose one that has already fulfilled more than a thousand orders.

This way, you know that they have already made at least a thousand IG profile owners happy with their engagement.

Just a quick reminder that Brightkeys CEO suggest to focus on engagement rather statistics.

12. Buy Cheapest Followers

When this next agency says they have the cheapest IG followers for you, they really mean it. After all, you can’t just name your agency Buy Cheapest Followers without really meaning it.

This makes it a viable alternative if you don’t want to get your engagement from the providers listed on Z2U.

We really love the quality service that Buy Cheapest Followers provide. What makes them stand out from their competition is the variety of followers they offer.

For instance, their growth service gives you a choice to get female IG followers, semi-active users, US-based users, and more. These available options make them ideal for those looking for a particular target demographic to attract for their social media campaigns.

13. Skweezer

Skweezer is not your average social media marketing company, especially when it comes to providing Instagram engagement. That’s because their services go beyond just paid likes, followers, and views.

They also have other tools we’re sure you’ll find helpful, such as a post downloader. They can also serve as a great place to test the waters on whether your social media accounts can benefit from followers.

That’s because they offer free daily engagement as well. Just drop your IG profile’s link, and you’ll start gaining followers soon after.

Of course, the number of followers you’ll get for free won’t even match the volume you’ll get when you pay for them. This is the reason why we still highly recommend paying for them.

Skweezer presents two options: high-quality followers and premium followers. High-quality are those that will come from genuine, aged, yet semi-active accounts.

On the other hand, premium ones will come from really active users. Combined with strategic and relatable content, both types will motivate more potential followers to join your IG community.

Along with that, content plays a vital role. So, using AI writing software help you build quick content for your ideal audience in no time.

14. SMGains

One of the best things about investing in social media marketing is that you really have nothing to lose, only to gain. This is what the services of SMGains exemplify. They work hard to provide their clients with the online popularity they wish to achieve.

The good news is that they do it on your own terms and not by simply relying on unreliable factors like luck and current trends. They work with multiple platforms and a wide range of different services. You’ll conveniently find all their Instagram engagement in one category, though.

Clicking on Insta Gains on the site’s navigation will lead you to another page with more than a dozen different IG services. Take your time to choose what you need.

They have followers, likes, auto likes一basically any interaction you’ll ever need. In addition, they have stellar customer service.

Aside from their website being very user-friendly, you can also depend on their convenient bundles and reliable customer support team.

But, if you use SEO tools to check authority of website, that’s one of the great way to find whether site is genuine or not. Because nowadays people use link building as an authority ranking factor, which can’t afford by scammers.

15. Super Viral

Most of the social media marketing agencies we have featured so far are geared towards US patrons and followers. But what if you have a target audience from a different geographical location?

If that happens to be Australia, or your profile is based there, then Super Viral is the perfect source of paid engagement for you.

They are a company based there with a strong online community from there. That said, Super Viral doesn’t offer bot followers.

Instead, they provide the real boost of getting follows from active accounts managed by actual people.

While they don’t have a distinction between high-quality and premium followers, they do offer eight different followers packages ranging from 100 to 25,000 followers.

Each purchase will also come with a free refill guaranteed after 30 days. After all, one of the consequences of getting real followers is their tendency to unfollow if they don’t find your content aligning with their interests.

16. SocialBar.Net

Do you know how many social media platforms there are out there? Did you know that there are various types that serve to match the target demographic they’re specifically designed for?

Spotify is a good example. Aside from being a streaming app, it is also a place where artists, musicians, podcasters, and other content creators can grow their network.

The challenge is that these types of social media platforms, especially lesser-known ones, can be hard to crack simply because there are not a lot of agencies that offer engagement services for them until now.

SocialBar covers a wide selection of platforms, including more obscure ones. If you haven’t found your preferred platform elsewhere, you’ll probably find it here.

We’re not here to talk about growing your follower list on spaces like DatPiff or Anghami. Instead, we’re here to feature companies that can grow your follower base on Instagram.

Don’t worry; that’s something that SocialBar offers too. In fact, they even offer the chance to specify how many followers you need.

All you need is to type the quantity, and they’ll compute the total for you. This way, you’ll get more control over your profile’s growth in followers.

In addition to that, if you focus on quality content, then also it will be very useful. Let’s say if you pursue fitness blog and target men and tips about weighted ab workouts and forearm workouts then you will probably easily cover that audience first in no time.

17. SuperViralUK

Yes, we are aware that we have already featured a company named Super Viral above, but this agency’s different. It is based in a different country, which is the UK, but they had also existed longer in the industry, dating back to when they were founded in 2012.

That means they’ve also seen Instagram through its many changes throughout the past decade.

The main factor setting SuperViralUK apart from most of their competition, such as those we have already featured here, is that they are based in the UK and deliver engagement from this geographical location.

Hence, if you’re looking for legitimate followers from this area for your Instagram account, this is the way to go.

They have six premium followers packages, ranging from 100 to 5,000 followers per plan. You’ll also be pleased to learn that your instant followers will arrive minutes after settling payment.

18. Buy Followers Malaysia

We truly seek for this directory to be helpful for all of our readers, regardless of their geographical location and target demographic. Hence, for those looking to grow their online reputation in Asia, especially in terms of followers, we highly recommend checking out Buy Followers Malaysia.

There are two main reasons businesses and influencers worry about buying Instagram likes and other types of social media engagement.

First, they fear that it goes against the platform’s terms of service. Second, it won’t look legitimate, and thus it can cause long-term issues regarding their online credibility.

Well, working with Buy Followers Malaysia can put your mind at ease, especially if you want to attract a Malaysian audience.

First, they won’t give you fake followers. Instead, what they offer are real followers from active accounts, and because of this, it wouldn’t go against IG’s rules.

Second, since they provide Malaysia-based follows, your audience won’t suspect that they’re fake. It can even help you gain tons of followers after that initial growth spike.

19. Krootez

Let us make one thing clear. The quality of service you’ll get from the companies we have featured here will not be too far apart.

We have already made sure of that during our research. Hence, you can expect that each of these companies just has its own exclusive features that keep its apart from the competition.

When it comes to Krootez, that would be their exceptional service. This genuine service provider won’t only give you paid engagement but can also provide you with much-needed counsel and guidance from their group of social media experts.

Don’t know how many Instagram followers you need? Do you need instant or gradual delivery?

These are the types of questions that Krootez’s experts can answer for you. Indeed, this feature will fortify this agency’s spot as one of the best service providers out there.

20. Buy Followers Singapore

From Malaysia, let’s head on over to Singapore. Regardless of where your business is based, you should definitely consider this geographical location an ideal place for expansion.

After all, this county has a great economy and is currently experiencing a significant rise in users. This means that this audience is well-educated too.

Getting generic followers from others won’t easily convince them of your legitimacy. You will need Buy Followers Singapore for that.

As its name suggests, this agency is a good source of high-quality Instagram followers and other types of related engagements.

What we like best about their services, though, is that you can shop around for the packages you want, put them in a cart, and securely pay for all of them together with any of your online payment accounts.

21. TurboMedia

Here’s another social media marketing company that provides free Instagram followers for trial.

TurboMedia might offer services for other platforms, but the number of their available IG services and engagement makes it clear that they really specialize in this network.

They even offer hashtag research and profile optimization services for Instagram. This will make sure that your exciting content won’t go to waste.

They will surely attract IG’s social media users and grow your channel organically. You'll surely find it here if you want to augment your strong content with purchased engagement.

TurboMedia goes way beyond just followers and likes. They offer reels views, IGTV engagement, impressions, reach, and more. They even give their patrons a choice to buy USA or UK Instagram followers.

22. BuzzVoice

Most of the packages that we have featured only deliver dozens of followers to your IG profile at a time. That may be good, especially for small brands and beginner influencers.

However, we also recognize the bigger companies and personalities may require the influx of thousands, even if it leads to a personal profile. Those who literally need the buzz of thousands of followers should check out BuzzVoice.

This social media marketing agency caters to six of the biggest platforms these days. These include Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and of course, Instagram.

Their IG services can then be categorized into two types: general and IGTV engagement. More importantly, they are used to providing high volumes of orders.

We are talking about up to 50,000 followers per order. All you need to do is provide your IG profile link, pay for your order, and wait for the magic to happen.

23. allSMO

allSMO is a social marketing agency that focuses on two platforms in particular: Instagram and TikTok. We appreciate that they offer freebies for both networks, including engagement and helpful social media tools.

If there’s one thing that sets them apart from their competition, though, it is their engagement targeting features.

One of the keys that can ensure the success of an engagement-focused marketing campaign, that would be getting your followers from an authentic audience. This means that if your online company is based locally, then most of its followers would be from that country.

The same can be said for gender and age too. For instance, if you’re promoting a feminine care product, wouldn’t it look weird if most of the profile photographs in your follower’s list reflect men?

It is for these reasons that allSMO provides country and gender targeting. It’s a feature that you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

24. PopularUp

Marketing campaigns often have different goals, depending on the brand it serves. For instance, bigger brands can worry more about the volume of their followers, while influencers need a more personal audience that can guarantee active engagement.

If that’s what you need as well, we highly recommend checking out PopularUp.

What we love best about PopularUp is the engagement level of its online community. Buying engagement from them is not just getting a follower count.

Instead, you’re actually getting users that will actively interact with your page. In addition, they’re also proud of their high retention rate.

This means that these users will continue to interact with your page even months or years after your purchase.

25. Followers Cart

It is very rare for social marketing companies to serve multiple countries and have a direct customer service hotline that will vary depending on your chosen location. This alone already speaks volumes about the type of service you can expect from Followers Cart.

They are open to eight countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Feel free to check out their website directly to find out if your location is included.

With the quality of their services and exceptional customer service, there is no wonder why they remain a go-to favorite of authority sites and other expensive sites. They even take note of the smaller details.

For instance, those getting US or UK Instagram followers can expect active users with 100% English names. You’ll also be pleased to learn that they cater to three social media sites. These are Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

26. FamousBlast

Catapult your brand from anonymity to Instagram fame with FamousBlast. With almost 40 million followers and 45 million likes delivered, they are truly one of the top social media marketing agencies right now when it comes to the speedy delivery of IG engagement.

FamousBlast offers two types of IG followers, namely good and diamond quality. Their good quality followers are delivered instantly but gradually to mimic organic growth.

Good quality followers packages are ideal for savvy business people who want to give their profile steady growth. Meanwhile, diamond quality gets you instant delivery, regardless of how many you order.

In addition, you’ll get a 180-day guarantee that your follower count will not drop anytime before six months. Both plans will come from active accounts managed by real people.

27. Likes Services

Is a no-drop guarantee not good enough to give you some well-deserved peace of mind? Then how about a moneyback guarantee?

Likes Services take a lot of pride in their services that they are willing to give you your money back if you’re not satisfied with the quality of service received.

Want to grow your current target market? Then feel free to choose among the premium packages that Likes Services offers.

They have eight different plans ranging from 100 to 15,000 followers. Once you’ve chosen the best fit for your needs, then what follows is a simple, two-step process.

All you need to do is leave your IG username and pay for your order. That’s it!


Another great source of cheap IG followers for your social media strategy is Buytoplikes. They are a very straightforward social media engagement provider, perfect for those who don’t want a lot of bells and whistles. They just need premium quality and solid customer support.

Buytoplikes remains one of the most affordable ways to get your social media fix. They have 12 different IG followers packages you can choose from, ranging from 50 to 20,000 followers.

Each package will also state how long the delivery is going to be. After all, they want your results to simulate organic growth as much as possible.

We find this information really helpful when we’re formulating our online strategies. It helps to place a timeline on things.

29. InstaMama

Social media marketing might seem too complex at times, but remember that it actually has a simple algorithm at its core, no matter how competitive it gets.

You post content, and if people seemed to like it, the platform shows it to more people who might also be interested. This, then, hopefully, creates a cycle of growth.

However, the catch is that not all posts get the same attention. Those that already have a lot of engagement get favored. This is where InstaMama can help you out.

They offer quality Instagram engagement that you can purchase. Their followers packages, in particular, are very popular with their affordable prices and delivery of genuine followers within minutes.

They’ve also come up with a system that minimizes the risk of drop. It’s no wonder they have already been featured by the biggest names in the industry, such as Forbes and Moz.

Get Instagram Followers to Ensure Social Media Success

There are billions of social media users each day. While this means that these platforms offer unlimited reach, this also means that you’ll be competing with at least double the number of posts per day.

Give your Instagram profile an advantage by buying engagement. This can jumpstart your brand’s cycle of success.

We hope that sharing the best site to buy Instagram followers can help you in this effort. At the very least, we have ensured that each of them is a reputable company that offers real Instagram followers, likes, views, and more coming from real accounts, owned by real people.

Buying Instagram Followers FAQs

1. Can you buy 10k followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can. This will simply depend on how many followers your chosen agency and package provides.

2. Can you get in trouble for buying Instagram followers?

The only time you’ll get in trouble for buying Instagram followers is when you purchase bot followers and fake accounts. That’s why we have made sure that all of the agencies we’ve featured above only offer genuine engagement coming from real people.

3. Where can I buy Instagram followers 2022?

You can buy IG followers and other engagement services from any social media marketing companies we have featured above.

4. How do you get 100 followers on Instagram?

You can get followers on Instagram in two ways. One is by gaining them organically, and the other is buying them from the companies we’ve featured.

5. Is 2000 Instagram followers a lot?

That depends on the scale of your brand. For small businesses, that is already a good start to ensure their growth and success. Meanwhile, that number is worryingly small for big companies and established brands.

6. How much is 100k followers on Instagram?

This will depend on your preferred social media marketing company and chosen package.

7. Can Instagram pay you?

Yes, it is possible to monetize your Instagram profile as long as it meets Instagram’s minimum requirements. IG sends their payments monthly with its amount depending on your performance.

8. How much money does 10k Instagram followers make?

According to NerdWallet, an Instagram account with 10k followers can make around $88 per post. The more followers and posts you have, the more money you’ll be able to make.

9. How do you get 500 followers on Instagram fast?

The fastest way to get 500 followers is to buy them. Otherwise, you would have to wait for your followers to grow organically. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques available for those who choose this route.

10. Do celebrities buy Instagram followers?

A lot of them do. After all, buying IG followers is an efficient marketing tactic that comes with minimal risk and delivers instant results.

You can take advantage of this too. You’ll find that most of the packages the agencies offer above are still affordable, even for smaller brands.