Illegal building in Husan village, Area C
Illegal building in Husan village, Area CRegavim

With both American and domestic Israeli lefties in the media, defense establishment, think tanks et al cranking up their pressure against the new rightist Israeli government - ostensibly to keep the coalition government now being formed in check - we reached a new threat level with the warning that the situation with the United States of America will not make it possible for Israel to stop Iran from going nuke if we do not behave ourselves.

Let’s put this in plain English: The threat is that Israel does not have the right to exist if it annexes Area C.

Ha'aretz: US threatens Israel on annexation and Iran
Ha'aretz: US threatens Israel on annexation and IranHa'aretz

It is one thing for an American official to brief reporters that if we annex Area C that the U.S. won’t veto UN Security Council Resolutions condemning the move and even possibly allow the imposition of sanctions against the Jewish State.

It is quite another to essentially threaten us with death. With extinction.

Frankly speaking it is hard to know how much of this frenzy is being orchestrated by leftist Israelis. They have done similar things in the past.

But regardless of the source, it is dangerous talk.

In another time we would certainly hear American voices from both sides of the aisle condemning such talk.

And now? Where are they?

Dr. Aaron Lernerand his late father Dr. Joseph Lerner founded the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA) government accredited news organization in 1992,which provides an ongoing analysis of developments in Arab-Israeli relations.