MK Goldknopf visits Avichai family
MK Goldknopf visits Avichai familyRoi Hadai

United Torah Judaism chairman MK Yitzhak Goldknopf paid a condolence visit Saturday night to the family of Tamir Avichai, one of the three Israelis who was murdered in a terrorist stabbing attack near Airel last Tuesday.

Goldknopf said: "It breaks my heart to see the family of the late Tamir, who was murdered by an evil man just because he was a Jew. It is our duty as public representatives to act in every way to increase the security of our brothers in the settlements. As I stated during the election campaign, I will support any such initiative."

"The expansion of Jewish settlements is the appropriate response to the murderous terrorism that seeks to push us out of the land of our ancestors," he said.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan accompanied MK Goldknopf during his condolence visit and presented to the UTJ chairman the security problems which stem from the lack of governance in Samaria. "We will not break. We will continue to build and build. What needs to be done here is to restore the safeguards, to completely dismantle the terror infrastructure of the murderous Palestinian Authority. You will be the new government; and we trust that with you we will see a change here. It is in your hands."