Samy Abu Shahadeh
Samy Abu ShahadehMiriam Alster/Flash 90

MK Samy Abu Shahadeh, who heads the Balad party, is blaming the Israeli government for the crime and murders within the Israeli Arab sector.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Abu Shahadeh said that if the Israeli government had made a serious decision, crime in the Arab sector would have come to an end immediately, since the security mechanisms are able to reach the criminal gangs.

On the political level, Abu Shahadeh accused MK Ayman Odeh, leader of the Hadash party, of a "heinous plot" and a "dirty trick" designed to politically eliminate Balad when the Joint List submitted its slate of candidates at the last minute without those of his party.

He called Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid "racists" and accused Lapid of trying to "divide Arab society into moderates and extremists based on a colonialist concept."

Abu Shahadeh expressed regret that Arab parties accept this view of Lapid, as it is a "shame" and an "incorrect" thing.

"Balad will spearhead in the fight against the occupation, the policy of racial discrimination, Judaization and apartheid, and in its message it responds to the heart murmurs of the majority of the Arab public who, according to polls, are not satisfied with the ways of Ayman Odeh and Mansour Abbas," he said.

He expressed full confidence that Balad will pass the electoral threshold and even be the surprise of the elections, since it is committed to dealing with the daily problems of Arab society and at the same time offers a solution in the form of a state for all its citizens and equality for all.

Abu Shahadeh stressed that Balad will not withdraw from running in the elections because of polls predicting it will not pass the electoral threshold, and predicted that the voter turnout in the Arab sector will exceed 50 percent.