Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettSpokesperson

Surprising support for Public Security Minister Omer Barlev, who was placed in the ninth spot in the primaries held in the Labor Party on Tuesday, meaning he is unlikely to be in the next Knesset.

Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted a message of support for Barlev and wrote on his Twitter account, "This evening, I want to strengthen Minister Omer Barlev and thank him for a difficult year in which he devoted himself entirely to the fight against crime and the murder of innocents, to success in containing waves of COVID-19 without lockdowns, to combatting the wave of terrorist attacks and to strengthen the Israeli police officers, the people who protect us all."

"In every event, big or small, Omer always arrived at the scene, took responsibility and acted in a professional manner for the citizens of Israel. Omer, even though our opinions differ, you stood up to the task that defined our government - to look above the voter base, put aside the ego and act exclusively for the citizens of Israel, their safety and well-being. I will always appreciate you for that," Bennett concluded.