US - China relations
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The American nation is as likely to come out on top as a hockey team playing without a goalie. And that goes for the world as well, which is no better off when it comes to the future.

We're all in the same rudderless, leaking boat. And that's the fault of the shortcomings of democracies, as they are today, where stupid people cast their votes for unprincipled, self interested and career motivated politicians who, when taking office swell with power and ignore the needs of their constituents.

Let's begin with the country in which I live, the United States of America. We're saddled with a definitely out-of-touch-with-reality President, backed up by his VP who finds it difficult communicating to anyone above kindergarten age. And next, Nancy Pelosi, the high heeled impresario of the House, who has made untold millions from criminal insider stock deals along with a host of members of both political parties, who are turning this nation into another Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, or worse.

Think back and try not to weep, of its once proud national leaders: Strong, critical decision makers, who were respected for their strengths as fearless nationalists who considered the welfare and safety of their constituents as their prime purpose in guiding and securing our nation. In the past century, we had Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and most recently, Donald Trump. They pulled us out as winners in world and domestic conflicts. They didn't have idiotic White House press secretaries such as the most recent incompetent, who has the hapless task of explaining Biden's disoriented Rubic-Cube decisions to the nation. The old timers spoke to us directly and were trusted by the people to act as presidents, to do the right thing. And they did so, regardless of repercussions and voter outrage.

But look around the world and take note that other nations are sadly suffering from the same malady of incompetent leaders and governments as the US. German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz (who?), Canada's lunatic leader, Justin Trudeau, England's recently departed Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Israel's unravelling coalition madness, the throwing in the towel by a recent prime minister of Italy, the drug cartels now running the government of Mexico and the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. The democracies around the world are falling apart, in a mess, imploding in unison.

Going back in history we recall that the United States had the task of saving Europe from WWI, WWII and its aftermath, from Stalin's attempt to Communize the continent. And it was successful, painfully paying for its victories with the blood of its young. But, who is there now, to save the entire world from the likes of Communist China and Putin's Russia, two ruthless dictatorships whose singular goal is the destruction of the Western world? And, if successful, of course, the eventual mutual destruction of both, by one another, in efforts to dominate the mess.

The enemies of the free world are watching with the blood-thirsty eyes of hungry, wild predators at their preys' vulnerabilities; the free world's clearly evident bowing to their demands and willingly, apparently, succumbing to defeat. The West is taking the knee to its enemies with weaknesses clearly evident to all. Its leader, since the conclusion of WWII, the American nation, is no longer capable of even defending itself at its southern borders from hordes of unarmed, non-military, empty handed migrants flooding into the country to further reduce their host nation to even lower levels of self respect.

Its president, seemingly with magical sweeps of his hand, has vindicated the words of former Obama Defense Secretary, Robert Gates whose memoir states that Biden, "has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." Look at how he has defended the Chinese against accusers who claimed, with good reason, that they, the Chinese Communist Party, created the virus responsible for the deaths of millions around the world.

And look at how he mishandled the aftershocks of the pandemic. Masks no, masks yes. The inoculations will protect you, then no. Then confusion about the transmission of the disease, the treatment of such and an endless spotlight on the "brilliance" of the heralded genius in this novel-like scenario, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who confused and terrified the nation and the world with his theories that supported and defended his and Biden's paymaster, the Chinese. The USA and the entire world was shut down, disrupted, crippled by this disease created in, allegedly produced and shipped out of a Chinese military biological lab in Wuhan.

But leave it to our leaders, and the culprits will never sit in the defendant's chair. It's a done deal.

And what of the "green mob," those who bow to the religion of Man Made Global Warming, who warn us, as do faux prominent intellectuals of the scientific world, such as brainiacs, Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who terrify us with prophesies that the world is at the precipice of destruction from the use of coal, petroleum and natural gas, the means by which most of the free world, utilizing such materials for hundreds of years, has attained the levels of prosperity that we now all enjoy, revel in and take for granted.

Just who will benefit from using the inferior and undependable "green energy" of solar panels and giant windmills to replace what we now have, to generate the required power necessary to continue our growth? China, of course. And we're not alone in this delusionary path to self destruction in order to give China its superiority over us all. Look at the scenes in Sri Lanka, Holland and the dependency in which mainland Europe now finds itself to the carbon fuels of Russia, who cares not one whit about the dangers of fossil fuels. They now control that continent with their sources and distribution of such "despised" energy.

We are now viewing a free world community apparently giving the despot-led regimes of China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, the upper hand by our democratically voting into power weaklings, who don't seem to have the intelligence to understand that they are inevitably leading their nations, their people, into national suicide. They advocate, support and stand with the radical left who seem to be pulling apart the foundations of liberty by showing weakness and self hate while our enemies gain power and strength in order to overcome and defeat us.

The pages of the calendar, as in black and white films, are flying off and into the darkness that will engulf us all unless we awaken to the need of nationalism and self love of our own nations. We must fight for what we already have and for what we want in the future for our succeeding generations. The puck is on our stick.