A group of men posting stickers for a white supremacist group in a Chicago, Illinois neighborhood were captured on a cellphone video being chased away by infuriated residents, Fox32 Chicago reported.

The group of three or four white supremacist supporters were spotted putting up racist stickers for “Patriot Front” on Saturday afternoon in Lincoln Park.

The confrontation took place after outraged residents, including a Jewish man who filmed the incident, followed the men for several minutes, telling them to leave the city.

Andy Krupp, who is Jewish, was walking through the area with his wife when he first began filming the group, telling them “Get out of our neighbourhood, no Nazis are welcome in our neighbourhood. This is Lincoln Park, we have no tolerance for hate or Nazis, Chicago has no tolerance for hate or Nazis.”

“And we ran them out,” Krupp told the news outlet.

There were also reports of Patriot Front propaganda being posted in other Chicago neigbhorhoods over the weekend.

According to the ADL, Patriot Front is a national white supremacist group “whose members maintain that their ancestors conquered America and bequeathed it to them, and no one else” and whose ideology justifies “hate and intolerance under the guise of preserving the ethnic and cultural origins of its members’ European ancestors.”

The group spreads its hateful propaganda online and by distributing flyers, banners, posters and stickers.

"I walked towards the stickers and saw that they were part of a well-known racist group," Krupp said. "My reaction is, I was outraged."

Krupp described how he followed the group, filming with his phone.

"I was about as angry as a human being could be. How could I as a Jew living in Chicago turn a blind eye to this kind of hatred? I think everybody needs to stand up to hatred when they see it," he said.

Krupp chased the men for several blocks until another resident exited his car and joined in.

"I followed them for a number of blocks, yelling at them, ‘Get out of our neighborhood, no Nazis are welcome in our neighborhood. This is Lincoln Park, we have no tolerance for hate or Nazis. Chicago has no tolerance for hate or Nazis.’ And they ran away, we ran them out," Krupp said.

After the video was posted to social media, area residents organized a drive to remove all the hateful stickers.