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You know how it is. You’ve had your fun in the sun. Time to head back home and face the troubles you left behind.

Time to get back to work and back to real life, and meanwhile the kids in the backseat are too sunburned and too exhausted to do what they usually do, fussing and fighting.

Home at last and somebody forgot to pay up the lawnmower people, so the lawn is overgrown, and on top of that, while you were away doing the cha cha cha, one hand on a glass of Tequila, meanwhile, back at the homestead, the basement flooded, the roof leaked, the overdue bills piled up, and somebody has to pick up the dog from the kennel.

Welcome to the real world…and you too, President Biden on your return to the United States after enjoying Israel those few days.

Nice to be loved, isn’t it…over there. Smiles. Hugs. Fist-pumps. Adoring ministers.

Over here; another story.

Because back here in the United States he faces a rebellion even within his own party. It was good for him that he left, bad for him that he came back.

Or when he comes back after groveling the Saudis for oil.

The uprising began when The New York Times ran front page stories which plainly said that Biden was unfit to rule, and unfit to run again.

Coming from the Times, the PR unit of the Democrat Party, this was political tsunami. The sun crashed. The earth moved.

Now even the slavish networks had no choice but to provide the grim statistics, which show that by a margin of 64 percent, his own Democrats don’t want Biden to run again.

It gets worse with Democrats under the age of 30…94 percent don’t want him; and so far as Independents, two-thirds want someone else.

His favorability rating overall…33 percent and sinking…because of soaring inflation, sticker-shock at the gas pump, crisis at the border and on the streets due to hellish crime.

Immediately the question arises…if he can’t deliver the goods for the United States, how can his word be trusted so far as the enduring friendship between Israel and the United States.

His party is filled with Israel-deniers, the Squad for sure, and the others?

They’ll fall in line behind Ilhan Omar as they did once before when they refused to censure her over her anti-Semitic comments.

Democrats run as a herd.

The elephant in the room? Introducing the next President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

You heard it here first. For one reason or another, Biden will not finish his term, and even if he does, as once the Dems stuck it to us with Biden, they’ll do it again with Kamala.

It is generally recognized that Kamala is an idiot. But her two assets were all Biden needed to bring her in as his VP…she’s a woman and a woman of color.


Imagine this atop Western Civilization…and with a key to the nuclear suitcase.

Thus, with a team like this, Biden’s goodwill promises to Israel mean nothing.

He packed his Cabinet with ministers hostile to Israel… assuring a dubious future between the United States and Israel…if the Democrats win again by hook or by crook.

Why Jewish voters keep voting for a Party that hates them, is a question for psychiatrists.

What did he accomplish while in Israel?

Nothing much. Nothing much besides negating all the positive vides to try to hoodwink the Israelis.

He took it all back when speaking to the Palestinian Arabs, saying they had “ancient roots in the land,” and they deserved a state of their own.

Jerusalem? He called it “an open city,” no reference to the fact that it sits as the eternal capital of the Jewish State.

“Malarkey,” to borrow his favorite word for disgust.

More chutzpah…as when, in Israel, Biden takes for himself the credit for Trump’s Abraham Accords, saying, then, that Trump did nothing.

Sure, Biden to the rescue.

Do no harm, is all we asked.

Well, he didn’t trip on the red carpet.

That’s something.

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