Ran Danker and Yuval Dayan
Ran Danker and Yuval DayanMoshe Shai and Hadas Parush / Flash90

Two Israeli singers, Ran Danker and Yuval Dayan, will perform for US President Joe Biden during his visit to Israel.

The two will perform on Thursday at the President's Residence, during an event in which Israeli President Isaac Herzog will present Biden with the Israeli Presidential Medal of Honor.

Danker is a singer, musician, and actor. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and is the son of actor Eli Danker and Dalit Danker. During his service in the IDF, Danker worked as a helicopter technician at the Palmachim Air Force Base.

Dayan is an Israeli singer, songwriter, composer, and actor. She made her musical debut in 2012, when she participated in the first season of the Voice for Israel. Though she advanced to the semi-finals, Dayan later decided to bow out of the contest. Since then, Dayan has published several albums.

Dayan was born and raised in Ashdod, and served in the military band in the IDF's Education and Youth Corps. Recently, Dayan has shared her journey in becoming closer to Judaism and the Torah with her social media followers.