Beware the dangerous Left Syndrome, aka Smolonivirus
Beware the dangerous Left Syndrome, aka Smolonivirus

Dear Brothers and Sisters, partners who have the right to vote in this fateful election, brave and idealistic Jews who dwell in the Land of Israel, only you can save Medinat Yisrael from the Smoloni (leftist) virus which, like a Trojan horse, threatens our country from within.

Don’t give in to hopelessness and despair. Vote! Vote for the right way of the Right. Make you voice heard! The race is close. Every vote counts!

Yes, we have gone to the voting booths before. Yes, the outcome has been the same on each occasion. Twice the country has failed to decide on a leader. But many of us stayed home and didn’t bother to vote, not believing that our vote would make a difference, and fed up with the endless mudslinging campaigns. But voting is the only way we can save Israel from the Smolonivirus that is eating away at our beloved Holy Land, and at all the values we cherish. 

This carnivorous virus is destroying our ranks through assimilation. It has poisoned the minds of the weak ones amongst us, those who have fallen away from the Torah, just as Amalek killed the weak ones of Dan in the wilderness, those weak in faith whom the Cloud of Glory spit out lest their virus infect the whole Israelite camp.

The danger is great. The Smolonivirus has spread everywhere, lurking in our halls of justice, in the corridors of academia, in the Knesset, and throughout the media. It has infiltrated our homes and our schools. It has poisoned the minds of educators and Rabbis of ultra-liberal belief. The virus has weakened our army. Our generals shiver and quake. Our hearts flounder. In the streets, our expressions have become downcast and pale. 

The only true vaccination against it is Torah values. Real Torah. Torah from Sinai, handed down by the Sages of Israel from generation to generation, from father and mother to their children, and not by father and father, mother and mother, nor any other permutation of the traditional nuclear family created in the portion of Genesis.

The true medicine is to return to the faith of our Forefathers, but in the meantime, before we all return to the healthy, life-giving wellsprings of Torah, Hashem has given us a temporary cure.

Go out and vote. Vote Right. We can overcome the legions suffering from Smolonivirus and thereby snuff it out at the polls so that they, too, have the opportunity to value their heritage in the future.. To weaken the epidemic threatening our Holy Nation – don’t hide at home. Use your privilege to vote and vote Right!   All of us together can win!