BDS thrives while the US and Israel dither
BDS thrives while the US and Israel dither

U.S. President Donald Trump’s actions recognizing the Golan as part of Israel and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem have certainly buoyed Israel’s eternal optimism for the future, but both Trump’s and Netanyahu’s governments are missing the boat when it comes to Israel’s long term survival.

Assuming Trump is reelected in 2020 for another four-year term as the American leader, his remaining presidential administration might delay the current war to dismantle the Jewish state, but only temporarily. And make no mistake, it is a war, only the tactics have changed.

Trump recently cut off all foreign aid from the US to the Palestinian Authority after Mahmoud  Abbas praised all recent terrorist murders including that of a 19 year-old girl who was raped as well as murdered by a Palestinian cab driver out for a lark. Israel came up with something it should have done years ago to stop Jew- killing and closed the spigot by announcing it would deduct money paid to terrorists from tax revenues it collects and transfers to the Palestinian Authority, thereby subsidizing Abbas..

Abbas defiantly said he won’t take any money from Israel at all as a result, and why should he? The gangbangers in the Muslim countries, the dictatorships and prostitutes that make up the EU have already agreed to make up the shortfall. Iran would love to join the gang also and nothing guarantees they won’t be able to jump on board later on if Trump is no longer in office. 

The reason Abbas can so easily make up that shortfall is because, should Trump be president until 2024 he’ll lose a little frosting off the cake but more than make up for it elsewhere in following years. Latest estimates on his personal palace are now upwards of 30 million dollars of stolen aid money.

The Democrat knife aimed at Israel's heart

The next time there is a Democratic administration, it will plunge the dagger into Israel’s heart. We’ve already seen Rashida Tlaib  and Ilhan Omar show what they will do on congressional finance committees that Israel ultimately depends on.

During the last U.S. election Hillary Clinton guaranteed that if she won she would embark on a U.S. campaign to fight “Islamophobia” in exchange for money contributed by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the cartel of wealthy Arab oil sheiks who never have money to feed Palestinian Arabs but can pay them to kill Jews. The U.S. would already be in the Arab terrorists' hands had Hillary won.

Trump needs to put on the brakes and reverse the course of the ship of state, something he is hard pressed to do. He may have two terms, but if he’s gone, the Arab irredentists and jihadis will have a field day from there on out.

Grassroots BDS

While the Trump administration was moving the embassy (the whole world has known Jerusalem is Israel’s undivided capital since 1967 and statements to the contrary were just hot air from the Muslim ummah), and while the administration was acknowledging claim to the Golan and working on defunding terrorism, Abbas and Hamas have intensified their BDS campaign to new heights on the grassroots level.

People in the West, even Jews, do not realize BDS is in reality a war tactic by the Palestinians against the Jews. Contrary to Arab excuses, trying to starve someone out of his homes, businesses and right to exist is a violent act. BDS leaders try to claim their threats and intimidation against Jews and anyone else who does business with them is not violent and even in the name of human rights.

What is BDS? If I stood on your doorstep and prevented anybody from bringing your family, food, water, the necessities of life while not-so-quietly cheering another factions from my groups as they murder your family just the same, there’s no way you’d perceive my BDS actions as nonviolent. The Nazis did this to the Jews in 1934, so why is it any different today?

But far worse in the midst of this new Gaza war is the fact Hamas and the PA rely on BDS leadership for how they conduct their war on Israel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (excuse the pun) to figure out how Hamas’ rocket war is conducted in tandem with BDS goings on outside of the Holy Land. As BDS fortunes flagged  recently in the US, the rocket attacks increased .

Visit any vestibule of a Presbyterian church

A case in point is the synagogue shooting in Poway near San Diego. The Washington Post ran an article by a naïve “reporter” who commented about how John Earnest, the shooter, was a good Presbyterian Christian who attended church with his family, the idea being he was an anomaly. Had that reported done her research she would know the Presbyterian  Synod is run by BDS activists and anti-Israel activists. She made no mention of this. This reporter did not understand how Christian members of the BDS movement are providing strategy to the terrorists.

The Presbyterian Synod was targeted years ago by the BDS crowd and promotes New Theology taught by the Palestinian Christian wing of the PLO as part of the International Solidarity Movement. The New Theology teaches the old mantra that the Palestinians replace the Jews in the Bible. Run by an Arab named Naim Ateek, his Sabeel Ecumenical movement was set up to deconstruct Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people. These activists lost control of the Presbyterian Synod two years ago and for a while things improved, but they made sure they padded the voting and got complete control again last year.

The Presbyterian Synod was targeted years ago by the BDS crowd and promotes New Theology taught by the Palestinian Christian wing of the PLO as part of the International Solidarity Movement.
And they’ve been doing a bang up job as we can see with the Christian shooter in Poway. Two years ago I attended undercover a national conference of the ISM. I rode in a shuttle to the airport with a woman who was a pastor. When I asked how she could support open advocacy to dismantle Israel and support Hamas’ promotion of Jewish genocide, she told me some nonsense about how being a good Christian obligated her to work for everyone, not just the Jews in the conflict.

She would not condemn terror attacks or calls for genocide of the Jews. Presbyterians are taught groupthink which means all or nothing. You won’t hear them condemning missiles fired on Israelis because there’s is a new mission: to make the Palestinians the new subjects of their theology.  Naim Ateek’s Sabeel has made inroads into many churches in the U.S., but mainly in the Presbyterian Church. Just visit any vestibule to find anti-Israel literature posted at the front door.

BDS coordinated with terrorists

And what about those 600 rockets fired at Israeli civilians recently? BDS, while it tries to claim it is a grassroots movement, is in fact a war program run by Mahmoud Abbas and the Hamas leadership. When Israel’s fortunes climb like during the embassy change and the Golan recognition,  the BDS movement works in coordination with the terrorists to shore up the fiction that the Jews are using excessive force against the poor Arabs in Gaza. That is the idea heard in the pulpits of the Presbyterian Churches today by the likes of the shooter. Apparently it worked well enough to get a 19 year-old “Christian boy” inspired enough to enter a synagogue and shoot up some Jews. According to his manifesto, he shot up the Jews for the glory and grace of God.

The concessions by President Trump to Israel’s sovereignty inspire some to  consider Trump as Israel’s savior. But to the BDS activists who communicate with Hamas and Abbas it’s a signal to step up the rocket attacks and kite terror against the Jews. And this fervor apparently worked within the Presbyterian Church.

There are 190 Students for Justice in Palestine cells on U.S. Campuses promoting BDS and funded by taxpayer money. A pseudo-intellectual Professor Hatem Bazian leads the movement nationwide like a Rico racket. BDS is following the tactics of Rico and everyone looks the other way.

If President Trump forbids BDS from being promoted - which ultimately plays into those rocket attacks - and if the U.S. government sanctions “allies” who contribute to the boycott, the entire war might come to a halt.President Trump needs to the right thing here. And Israel needs to understand it can’t kick the can down the road forever.