It's over: The white tribe and the Mizrachim
It's over: The white tribe and the Mizrachim

It’s over.  Wake up Israel, or rather wake up the commentators who have nothing to do but to pit one part of Israel against the other. This was painfully evident in the run-up and to and in the current analysis of the election results. The old allegiances may still exist, but they are fast disappearing.

Reality is right there on the ground.  Take a group of young soldiers, and ask them the question:
“What country did your grandparents come from?”  The answers are more often than not: “From Poland, Morocco, Kurdistan and Tel Aviv,” or “Ukraine, America, Yemen, Ethiopia the Negev, Hadera and Iran.”  

Naturally Einat from Tel Aviv will still marry the boy next door, and Yossi from Kiryat Gat could easily marry Sarah who was the love of his life from school, but meeting and mixing with young people from different backgrounds all over the country particularly in the IDF has creating Israelis who are not pitted against each other's ethnic background and do not identify as one group or the other.

Genetically it is well-known that marrying close relations increases the chances of disabilities.  How wonderful that our people are diminishing this possibility by marrying someone whose origins are not the same as their own.   

Finally, we have created one type of proud Israeli who does not suffer from post-traumatic stress because of how badly they were treated or those who believe that their backgground and therefore lifestyle was superior.

We also have fine examples of people from all every origin who represent us in the Knesset being great role models to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds growing up all over the country.    

Since the day that immigrants put their feet on Israeli soil their expectations have never been to have to belong to one of the  two different societies. It may have taken seventy years, but the old divisions are fast melting away. For a larger and larger part of the population they do not exist.

It is time to put these divisions with labels to bed and to work together being kind to each other as one. This is the Jewish way.