Merkel's Iran Nuke Deal uber alles
Merkel's Iran Nuke Deal uber alles

Ever since she singlehandedly ruined Europe through her reckless immigration policy, Angela Merkel ought to be the last person to be handing out advice, now on Iran.

Seems that Merkel favors the Iran Nuke Deal that was hatched by Obama, Kerry and the ayatollahs.

She thinks it’s so splendid that, though nobody asked, she advised, no warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to keep hands off…or else.

Apparently, she’s worried that since President Trump is on the verge of (wisely) nixing the arrangement, Netanyahu, through a whisper or two, could clinch it for him.  

Merkel, it’s being reported, told Netanyahu that if the United States withdraws from the plan, the Middle East will be plunged into a devastating new war.

“Do you want that to happen?” she asked…rhetorically, we imagine…when the two leaders met in Davos.

No, neither do Netanyahu or Trump want something else to happen – a nuclear empowered Iran hovering the skies of Israel and the United States. We’re not there yet. But the Deal as sneaked through by Obama/Kerry makes it possible, unless stopped. To spare you the 10,000 pages of the Nuke Deal, here it is in a nutshell –[-

Iran must stop, or pretend to pause whatever it’s doing with centrifuges and enriched uranium, until a certain date. After that, around 2030, the Deal expires, and it’s bombs away.

Is that clear? I hope not. Because we really do not know what secret handshakes were made after Kerry and the ayatollahs smiled for the cameras, though we do know $150 Billion mysteriously appeared, changed hands, from us to them, and Kerry, never a friend of the Jewish State, assured us that through this Deal Israel and the entire Middle East were safer than ever before.

That was the first sign that something fishy was up, and it was worse when Obama offered the same assurances at around the same time when he abandoned Israel at the UN…if you remember Security Council Resolution 2334, which named Jerusalem and other Jewish holy sites “Palestinian territory,” and which Obama let slip through by abstaining.

With friends like that, like John Kerry and Barrack Hussein Obama, who needs Angela Merkel?

European leaders outside Germany are gradually waking up to the damage she’s done by importing and introducing and implanting a strange culture throughout the continent.

The migration fiasco she started can’t be stopped and for some reason, the Germans still want her. The Germans, as we know, have a habit of getting it wrong when it comes to leadership.

But it was assumed that THIS chancellor has the Jewish State’s best interests at heart. She may have everything backwards, but she means well.

Not so says columnist Benny Avni in Tuesday’s New York Post, where he shows that because of a German “power play,” Israel is being elbowed out for a chance to sit, for the first time, at the UN Security Council. Avni writes: “Remember when the new Germany was keen to put its historical baggage behind it and be Israel’s best friend in Europe?

“That was then. Now Berlin is set to block a historic chance for raising the Jewish state’s international profile.”

Merkel does not sound like a friend in Europe, or as someone who can be trusted on Iran.

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