Is Trump going to ally the US with the butcher?
Is Trump going to ally the US with the butcher?

Although the lethal chemical bombing ordered by Assad that killed over 100 people may have given President Trump pause, a shocking news revelation is now emerging from the Middle East. The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reports that President Donald Trump has already dispatched to Syria a soon-to-be new U.S. diplomatic liaison to begin the process of sealing an alliance between Assad and U.S. forces in Syria in order to depose ISIS. Al Akhbar is a Lebanese newspaper close with the Assad regime and an ardent supporter of Hezbollah

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was tasked by President Trump in cooperation with newly appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to convey a wish by the President to engage in a phone conversation to begin a process of joint military cooperation between Assad and the U.S. 

Less than a week ago, Tillerson said, the "long term status of [Syrian] President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people.” Normally such a comment would be taken to mean self-determination and voting rights for the Syrian people, But Tillerson’s remarks had a more ominous meaning to them.

The Syrian regime claimed in the news item that Tulsi Gabbard had conveyed directly to Assad that eliminating ISIS was a “top priority” for Trump over any thought of removing Assad, and that Assad had welcomed the idea without consulting his Russian and Iranian allies. The lifting of U.S. sanctions against the Syrian strongman was even discussed as a possibility over time. This may explain Trump’s reluctance to criticize Putin and to his sparse comments about the Iranian nuclear “deal” since he took office.

Allegedly, Assad provided Gabbard with proof of U.S. support and involvement with terrorist groups   ignored by Trump’s predecessor, Obama.

Gabbard’s seven day visit to Syria was funded by the Arab-American Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS). ACCESS is one of the operative groups of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) whose goal is the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state. ACCESS provides social services to Arab emigres in the U.S. and established its first offices in Chicago where many similar anti-Israel ISM and radical anti-American groups are based.  It was from that environment that PFLP terrorist Rasmeah Odeh plea bargained to be deported from rather than serve jailtime for misrepresenting her criminal status as a killer on entering the U.S. Even though she killed two teenage boys with a bomb, she was employed and defended mightily by the same American Arab Action Network crowd that includes ACCESS there.

Gabbard’s trip this time was funded by ACCESS-Ohio, and Basil Khawam, who wasted no time having her voice support for Assad. Khawam is listed as the ACCESS-Ohio CEO.

But a deeper look into Gabbard’s involvement with Syria from far off Hawaii shows she has allied with Democrats like Dennis Kucinich who lost his reelection bid as Ohio’s Senator after aligning himself with Hamas-supporting groups in promoting changes to U.S. foreign policy.  Despite some seemingly close relationships with some wealthy American Jews, Gabbard has links to pro-Assad and pro-fascist or anti-Semitic groups promoting Syrian interests in the USA for the Syrian dictator.

Republican Adam Kinzinger, a fellow congressman of Gabbard’s, has described her visit to bolster the Assad regime as “A disgrace. I thought it was awful,” he said, “ In no way should any member of Congress, in no way should any government official ever travel to meet with a guy who has killed 500,000 people and 50,000 children. It is sad, and a shame, and a disgrace.” 

Kinzinger apparently did not know Gabbard was funded by Khawam and ACCESS, both which are said to have links to the Syrian dictator’s regime. “For me I will always stand on the side of saying people have a right to freedom, a right to democracy… to meet with a butcher is absolutely wrong and a disgrace.” 

Another Arab newspaper, Al-Amin, claimed Gabbard seemed surprised at how agreeable Assad was. “The Americans honestly thought that Assad 'would not dare to be in touch with them without Moscow's approval.'" Perhaps this explains Trump’s praise for Putin, perhaps a way of buttering up the Russian strongman to pave the way for a meeting of minds with the Syrian strongman?

Al-Amin then reported that after the meeting with Assad, Gabbard met with other officials, and visited Aleppo, and before leaving that city "her assistant received a phone call informing him that President Assad had decided to meet with her again on Wednesday for the entire day, that [Assad] had made arrangements to hold detailed meetings with her, including lunch, and that he would give her irrefutable documents proving that U.S. security personnel are directly involved in supporting terrorists in Syria” as supported by the administration of the previous president, Barack Obama.

"And this is what happened. [Gabbard's] departure from Damascus was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday,” the newspaper said. On Wednesday, Gabbard met with Assad twice in the presence of senior Syrian officials who brought the documents and the files. They were presented to her and not only surprised her, but astounded her. She was given proof whose veracity she would be able to confirm upon her return to the U.S. to convey to President Trump.

This all might explain the Trump decision to not deal at present with the Iranian nuclear agreement his predecessor agreed to and that Trump has called the worst deal imaginable. It would be unthinkable for Trump to visit on America and Israel his own version of the worst deal imaginable.