Obama at West Point: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Obama at West Point: The Sound of One Hand Clapping

President Obama’s speech at West Point of a few days ago before an assembly of graduating cadets was so incoherent that you had to wonder if the commander in chief was in full command of his faculties. This was billed as his most important foreign policy address, but it drew the sound of one hand clapping.

Is he cracking up after five narcissist years in office, or he is coasting to the finish line? In the second instance, okay.

But otherwise, we should all be worried, whether we like him or not in Israel or the U.S.A. or anywhere. To a considerable degree, our lives are in his hands.

A man on the verge of a nervous breakdown is capable of anything. Very likely I am exaggerating. I hope so.

We need to root for him to get the job done, or at best to leave us alone. Often enough a president who does nothing is better than one who does too much.

Obamacare, anyone?

I had to rely on the experts to tell me what he said back at West Point. I could not figure it out. America needs to be strong, but not really strong. We should not come to the aid of other countries in need of our help, except when we should. We are exceptional, but no one should count on us. On and on like that…

Most of it was about himself. But we have come to expect this. A typical high school commencement speech has far more punch and wisdom.

His delivery was flat. His appearance had no stage presence. That, we could always count on. Yes we can! Not this time. No soaring oratory.

Nobody fainted in the aisles. These were the Obama kids, only military. A tough room.

Even his cheerleaders at The New York Times and The Washington Post were left scratching their heads.

This time around they failed, or refused, to put him back together again. Perhaps they too had wearied of the routine.

The New York Post found no content to his message, and editorialized it as “adolescent.”

After all this time, has the adolescence finally been exposed?  

That would be nothing to rejoice.

Israel must take note. He is no friend of the Jewish State. But he is no friend of the American people, either.

He knew nothing, supposedly, about NSA snooping on every American citizen. He knew nothing about the IRS scandal or the Fast and Furious scandal and the IRS scandal and he (and Hillary) surely knew nothing about the Benghazi fiasco. Somehow, he is always out of the room.

If you don’t believe him, just ask his spokesman Jay Carney.

Now we have the biggest failure of all – the VA scandal, in which thousands of American veterans have been denied proper health care, on his watch.

On his watch, hundreds, perhaps thousands may have died through sloth, carelessness, neglect or corruption or all of the above.

The tired man we saw at West Point didn’t seem to give much of a damn about anything – not even his legacy.

He seemed to be in a hurry to get back to his pals Jay-Z and Ellen DeGeneres, in whose company he feels much more comfortable.

That’s the best we can hope for, that he confine himself to his friends to keep himself and the rest of us out of trouble.

Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the bestselling novelist, the anti-BDS thriller Compulsive. Website: www.jackengelhard.com