The Targeting of Yitzhar: A Test of Jewish Leadership
The Targeting of Yitzhar: A Test of Jewish Leadership

Israel's post-Zionists, in their struggle against the 'settlement' movement, have set up straw men (particularly since Oslo) to achieve their main objective -the dismantling of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.

Their leadership, both political and military, work in lockstep with foreign funded NGO's;(chief among them Peace Now) assisted by a back benching media; a leftist, Arabist-tilted justice system; supported by many in academia, as well as high profile cultural icons. 'Settlers' and their proponents face an increasingly uphill fight to preserve our heartland.

To wit, Yitzhar remains the locus of post-Zionist ire, often referred to as 'the epicenter of settler hooliganism'. As of late, the level of incitement has been ratched up exponentially.

Background: Yitzhar ( Itamar is another object of their wrath) was founded in 1984 in the Shomron region.It was first established in 1983, functioning as a Nahal military outpost. In 1984 it was demilitarized, whereby Amana, Gush Emunim's settlement arm, assisted it in becoming a residential community

Abutting Nablus, a hotbed of Arab terror, Yitzhar serves as a major bulwark against terrorist designs. Concomittantly, its presence not only enrages Arab terrorists, but post-Zionist Jews seeking to empty our heartland of its Jewish presence.

Israel's Security Agency (ISA) agrees that Nablus is a dangerous wellspring of Arab terror. In a report by the 'Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center', dated December 26, 2007, they concluded, “Nablus continues to be the focus for terrorist activity in Judea and Samaria, of Hamas and other terror organizations”.

Paradoxically, in light of the above, (regardless of how many terror 'root canals' Israel's forces performed since then) it seems irrational, that the very same security services would operate against patriots in Yitzhar and its sister communities! However, if viewed through a post-Zionist prism, the increased pressure makes sense.

Raised to a higher level since the Tuba-Zangria mosque arson in the Galilee on October 2, 2011, the rage against the 'settler hooligans' has become a post-Zionist rallying cry. Politicans are duly pressured, increasingly desperate to bring the culprits to heel.

Thereby, the security services are determined to reel them in - evidence, or the lack thereof, seems irrelevant. HONENU, the Legal Defense Organization, under the highly capable guidance of attorney Adi Kedar, has thus far managed to have the cases thrown out of court due to lack of evidence. Undeterred, the security services/police have upped the ante.

On October 31, 2011, in a raid befitting the capture of terrorists, approximately 50 special forces from the Yassam Police Unit descended upon Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai in Yitzhar, ostensibly to scoop up a Shomron resident in relation to the mosque arson. Their tactics included sprayed pepper gas in all directions, resulting in injuries to several rabbis and students.

There is no more visible poster child  for meting out punishment to the 'settler' public, than Od Yosef Chai, the centerpiece of Yitzhar.Therefore, they zeroed in on its affiliated high school, the Dorshei Yehudcha Yeshiva. It was ordered closed by the Education Ministry, whereas Od Yosef Chai's retribution was an immediate reduced government subsidy.

Most significantly, in the same manner in which the democratic right to due process is violated - when Jewish nationalists are detained/arrested under the British Mandate orders of Administrative Detention - similarly, Jewish rights have been abrogated, once again, due to the undemocratic closure of Yitzhar's educational institution.

According to Arutz Sheva, the outgoing Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, cut the funding for the Dorshei Yehudcha Yeshiva High School based on confidential information he says he cannot publicize.

Not compelled by law to reveal the evidence against the school, even to their attorney, there are no charges to refute! In a state, whereby democracy is hailed as the supreme mantle to behold, citizens are expected to place their trust/faith in a system which hides behind “secret evidence”.

All of the above leads full circle to their penultimate target - Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, a main Yeshiva head in Yitzhar. Instructively, he was recently investigated for the 'crime' of authoring a leading Jewish legal treatise called Torat HaMelech, the King's Torah.

Its essence asks   when it is permissible under Jewish law to shed the blood of non-Jews belonging to the enemy population. The text, deeply sourced, thoroughly and painfully explored by Torah pin-pointed examination, discusses the Jewish population's precedence over the non-Jewish enemy population during war time. This Torah based discussion is offensive to post-Zionists. By placing halakhah and nationalist ethos above post-Zionist ideology, the punishment of Yitzhar is pursued along many paths. At this juncture it involves the dismantlement of Yitzhar's spiritual institutions

The open questions are-will our Jewish leadership, in Israel and the diaspora, stay silent in the face of this (latest) Jewish nationalist outrage? And, will our communities step up to the plate, making sure that whatever funding is cut is replaced through private help and attendant communal efforts?