In 2006, the anti-Ahmadinejad Rally at the United Nations drew 40,000 People. Last year's rally drew 25,000 people. This week's rally drew 2,000 people. This week's rally was the most successful of the three.

This week, the supporters of Israel and, most especially, the Jewish People told the world that we will not be

We may be blindly liberal as a people, but we are not stupid.

bullied. We will not allow our leadership to continue their practice of blindly following the Democratic party without any regard for the issues.

Who were the losers? Lets start with Senator Hillary Clinton. She started it all. This week, her "bat boy" Howard Wolfson was on Fox. He came out with the lame excuse that Mrs. Clinton decided not appear at the rally because she did not think it proper for someone running for office (Gov. Sarah Palin) to appear at a rally. Sorry, Howie. Those of us who were at the 2006 rally remember that your boss spoke there, and she was running for re-election at the time. Oops, caught in a lie.

Senator Barack Obama is also a big loser. Senator, you are about to become the first Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter to get less than 60% of the Jewish vote. Hell, you might even lose the Jewish vote. Despite the fact that your entry into the race was bankrolled by Jews, and the fact that most of the supposed leaders of the Jewish community blindly support anyone with a Democratic party label, you might actually lose the Jewish vote. And you still don't understand why. They tell you it's all about those Muslim whispers. Guess what? Most Jews are so liberal that they would even vote for you if you were Muslim. Remember, those people behind that New York City madrassa include a Jewish head of education and a Jewish mayor.

We may be blindly liberal as a people, but we are not stupid. Your claims of being pro-Israel do not match your record or your list of advisers. Your poorly shrouded attempt to bully us into submission just made you look even worse. Did you see that picture from the rally this week? That's what you just did to yourself.

The major loser is the morally corrupt leadership of the Jewish community in America. Especially the leadership of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. We will no longer blindly follow you. It is time for you to start to put your people before your liberal bias. (Note to Abe Foxman: you weren't involved in this week's embarrassment, but you are as morally corrupt as the rest of them.)

Folks, if you want to run a Democratic party organization, then resign your positions and go get a job with the Democratic party; until then, start putting your responsibilities to the Jewish community before your bias in favor of the liberal Democratic position.